Post cave-in blues...

Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by eqmindcomp, Jul 28, 2019.

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    Well back at it again, the brain wants its dopamine whether I'm horny or not. It seems that every time I go for a week or two without PMO, life sends a curveball and down the rabbit hole I go. Seems the mind is looking for any opportunity to either celebrate with dopamine fix or make it all better....with a dopamine fix.

    What a beast, so frustrating and pointless to discuss this with anyone other than folks experiencing the same here. The "socially acceptable" behavior, like alcohol, is seemingly beyond reproach even though it can't be normal behavior given the tremendous power of the lizard brain to push you to the behavior it craves.

    I keep waiting for a less stressful time to attempt a solid 3 month PMO, but it's causing the stress as the elephant in the room. So embarrassing and feels hopeless at times trying to outwit this demon - at least we know what it is - it's like a gauntlet with a vague notion of what you'll come out the other side feeling like.

    I think this habit has robbed me of self-confidence and chipped away at my self-respect for years, seems insurmountable at times.

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