~*POLL*~ Choose best colour for your PMO-Banner text

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What colour would you like in your PMO Banner text? (Please read OP first)

  1. [font=arial][SIZE=13px][b][color=#FF0000]10 days[/color] since I last PMO'd[/b][/SIZE][/font]

    3 vote(s)
  2. [font=arial][SIZE=13px][b][color=#F63817]10 days[/color] since I last PMO'd[/b][/SIZE][/font]

    0 vote(s)
  3. [font=arial][SIZE=13px][b][color=#C06002]10 days[/color] since I last PMO'd[/b][/SIZE][/font]

    1 vote(s)
  4. [font=arial][SIZE=13px][b][color=#C23E17]10 days[/color] since I last PMO'd[/b][/SIZE][/font]

    0 vote(s)
  5. [font=arial][SIZE=13px][b][color=#B93B8F]10 days[/color] since I last PMO'd[/b][/SIZE][/font]

    0 vote(s)
  6. [font=arial][SIZE=13px][b][color=#43B7BA]10 days[/color] since I last PMO'd[/b][/SIZE][/font]

    1 vote(s)
  7. [font=arial][SIZE=13px][b][color=green]10 days[/color] since I last PMO'd[/b][/SIZE][/font]

    7 vote(s)
  8. [font=arial][SIZE=13px][b][color=teal]10 days[/color] since I last PMO'd[/b][/SIZE][/font]

    3 vote(s)
  9. [font=arial][SIZE=13px][b][color=#8B8987]10 days[/color] since I last PMO'd[/b][/SIZE][/font]

    0 vote(s)
  10. [font=arial][SIZE=13px][b][color=#41627E]10 days[/color] since I last PMO'd[/b][/SIZE][/font]

    2 vote(s)
  11. [font=arial][SIZE=13px][b][color=blue]10 days[/color] since I last PMO'd (current, it doesn't confus

    6 vote(s)
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  1. Hi guys,

    this Poll is about the colour of text in the PMO-counter that many of us use in our signature. I'm posting it on behalf of CrazyGopher who is the brain behind this useful utility.

    The present text appears in bright-blue. This has a plus and a minus. The plus being that it is clearly visible and gels well with light-blue colour scheme of the YBR forum. The minus being that the bright-blue text is generally reserved for hypertext links- the blue coloured website addresses that we can click to open a new webpage. Some of us may find it a bit confusing, some may not. Likewise, purple colour is usually used for html-links/ web-adresses that have already been clicked by the user, so purple may also be potentially confusing. The purpose of this Poll is to find out what the best choice of text colour of the PMO-banner could be without the potential for confusion with hyperlinks.

    So please share your opinion on what colour you would like to see on your PMO banner text. That is, colour of text like "5 Days since I last PMO'd". Choose the best colour that goes well with the forum colour-scheme of light-blue, and that is clearly readable.
  2. richard29

    richard29 Member

    Re: ~*POLL*~ Choose best colour for PMO-Banner text

    Green is nice. Like it's correct and a "GO" signal. A colour like red might seem a bit dangerous. Like every day is a day closer to the fires of hell :p
  3. Re: ~*POLL*~ Choose best colour for PMO-Banner text

    Good point Habitus, the first or maybe even the second may be too loud for some. But the choice is there.

    I omitted yellows and bright fluorescent greens as they are difficult to read on light background.
  4. Bumpitty, bump bump. Maybe I wasted my time on this.
  5. Fiddler

    Fiddler Active Member

    I'm with Habitus, green is perfect. Looks "sane" and doesn't conflict too much with the board colours.
  6. YellowArmy

    YellowArmy New Member

    Can there be an option for where we can choose between all of the colours for our specific counter? I quite like gold!
  7. Green does have a positive connotation, and right now seems to be in lead too :)

    YellowArmy, I think for now that is beyond the scope since it would require change in code, but you can check with CrazyGopher.

    For those of you who might be interested in the color names, here they are in the same order as they appear in the poll-

    Blue (current)

    Except the third, I have selected all from the palette on this page-
  8. Things that go ... Bump.... Can we have some more suggestions please?

    Thanks, CrazyGopher. You think this color change can go sooner than the new banner? This colour change would just need the colour parameter change and should also reflect in the current banners as well, if I'm right in assuming how the app might have been written.
  9. Gently bumping.
  10. Foxhunter

    Foxhunter Deflect & Parry

    Let's make it chameleon status that changes color every 10 days reflecting your progress. Red at first for a relapse then maybe yellow then blue then green then...

    OK I'll stop
  11. That's actually a pretty neat idea. Oh the crazy demands we place on CrazyGopher :)
    We can just borrow from the geniuses-
  12. Parasite

    Parasite New Member

    I think thats a good idea too.
  13. Parasite

    Parasite New Member

    LIKE IT!!!

    I think it should be

    Severe = first 15 days
    High = 16-45
    elevated = 46-90
    Guarded = 91 -180
    Low = +181
  14. This new green counter just so does not match the forum's colors. ??? Any chance we can get the blue counter back?
  15. Bazooka Joe

    Bazooka Joe New Member

    Green looks good IMO. :)
  16. The green looks a very slightly different hue (or maybe not) of green appearing in the poll. Maybe that's causing some to find it at odds with the forum?
    10 days since I last PMO'd

    The color code for this green is #008000 The # sign may or may not be required. Using the actual color code instead of name may provide for a more accurate color.

    I actually voted for teal (that's one lower than green, code: #008080), as that went well with the forum theme in my opinion then.

    But who does not resist change? :) I do agree that green brings more positivity with it, and doesn't look bad. The original blue actually was a lovely color, if not for its potential to be confused with a hyperlink.

    My earlier link for color codes at freewebs.com is missing a few key colors and their codes, so here's another link for bbcode colors and their codes. I think the same codes would be used by HTML as well.

  17. WhirlwindTobias

    WhirlwindTobias Man Against Mediocrity

    I'm not sure about the green, but that might be because it's different. If I just registered I doubt I'd even have an opinion.
  18. al1234

    al1234 Guest

    Considering that green and blue are neck and neck on the poll, why did it have to be changed at all?
  19. this

    i like the idea of the color changing as the days of abstinance go up....if possible to program it this way
  20. al1234

    al1234 Guest

    Ah well, that's statistics for you.

    thanks for the making the counter btw, it's a great help to us all
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