PMO & marijuana induced ED; erection 'locking mechanism' failure

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  1. Hey dudes.

    Found this place via YBOP and r/NoFap, and Gary's link. This journal will chronicle my journey and anecdotes. My story is similar to most others' with a couple of differences on which I will elaborate below.

    1.) I experienced an irritation/injury to my unit from overmasturbation - diagnosed as dermatitis, but basically cracks across my frenulum (banjo string) which made my unit feel raw, and I (maybe psychosematically) feel as though it has disrupted some nerve impulse
    2.) I have long used my imagination to stay hard during sex with women, basically imagining/picturing porn & fetish scenarios
    3.) I have very often used marijuana during sex, and almost always during masturbation.

    My condensed story:

    Fap/Sexual history
    - Hypersexual as a child, teenager, and adult. Masturbating since I was 5 or 6, and to porn for most of my life. I’m now 33 and experiencing weird ED – no unlike many YBON commenters.
    - Experienced some ED issues in the past but learned to ‘get over them’ through manual stimulation and some help with mental imagery. Typically would make out w/ a girl to get hard, but once I got there I ‘locked in’ and would maintain an erection
    - For past two years would have sex several times a week, but masturbate (with porn) almost as much. Porn had been gravitating into weirdness (I’ve always had some kinks/fetishes, but noticed some HOCD stuff – and I have zero homoerotic impulse).
    - Used marijuana frequently to enhance the experience

    - About four months ago I experienced a weird ‘injury’ where a bunch of dry skin sloughed off my glans and left me with a raw frenulum. Dry skin had come/gone in the past, but with no consequence
    - Frenulum had cracks across it and felt very raw - right in the ‘hinge’ and pleasure zone. This left my unit feeling ‘scrambly’ as if I had disrupted a nerve or something. Sex/fapping didn’t feel good, yet I continued to fap/porn at least a couple of times a week
    - After a couple of months of not healing my Dr. Had diagnosed ‘dermatitis’ and prescribed a steroid cream for a month
    - Symptoms have largely healed and frenulum strengthened but some symptoms remain – mild ‘scrambly’ sensation, and sometimes feel a weird pang/response in my back, leg and foot (all on left side where the frenulum was irritated/cut

    - Although I can still get erections (if I manually stimulate myself or look at porn) they just don’t ‘lock-in’ - i.e.: they don't stay up if I stand up. There also doesn’t seem to be the same kind of connection/response when I get hard.
    - I can keep myself semi-hard by either continuing to look at porn or by exercising mind-control (I’ve gotten really good at this to stay hard during intercourse), but it’s a stretch and not very enjoyable (for me anyway)
    - Orgasms also don’t feel the same. Not entirely pleasant and almost ‘too intense’
    - Overall – the unit has failed to stir even with enticing visual stimulation. No connection. It’s like it’s not even a part of my body.

    I’m on day 11 (or whatever) of my reboot but am struggling with symptoms and whether others have experienced the same things. Specifically – interested in hearing from anyone regarding ‘locking mechanism failure’ or their erections not really feeling ‘connected’ if you do achieve them, and not staying up when they do.

    Thanks guys.
  2. Additional details of my reboot

    Reboot / NoFap account

    - No porn
    - No masturbation
    - No fantasy
    - No sex
    - No pegging
    - Some prostate massage w/ aneros
    - No marijuana
    - Limited coffee
    - Adrenal gland stimulants (herbal pills) as prescribed by naturopath

    Day 10
    Continue to experience morning wood which is starting to feel better to the touch. Not fapping, but just gently stroking and sensations experienced during stretching, rolling around in bed, etc. Still having a hard time re-experiencing the same 'erection' sensations as before the reboot, and before the injury.

    Tried to 'let it hang out' and massage last night. Very little response. Let it go after 2 mins or so. Felt sensation in spine and left leg again indicating some 'connectivity' issues with the penis.

    Continue to be very stimulated by visual imagery of women, especially legs with heels. This hasn't changed from 'before', but feels different in that I don't feel a sexual connection there - just a visual one.

    No spontaneous erections.

    Day 13
    Continue to experience morning wood, but when bringing awareness to it and flexing Kegel - it drains immediately. Erection locking mechanism is still not engaged.

    Strong tingling and image mental response to women on the subway, especially wearing skirts. Some stirring, still no spontaneous erections.

    Day 15
    Morning wood appeared to have sustained itself somewhat longer with prolonged sensation after minor stimulation vs. turning cold/dead.
  3. Day 16.

    No morning wood. No sensations. Dead.
  4. reasonstobecheerful

    reasonstobecheerful New Member

    keep it up mate, you're doing well!
  5. Day 18.
    Woke up with very strong and responsive morning wood. Rolled around for a while, went back to sleep. Got hard again through just sensation - little fantasy. Best and strongest erection in a very long time. Locking mechanism fully engaged. Felt great.
    No fap. Let it go...
  6. Day 20.
    Still flatlining. Morning wood. Not much stirring however and, no spontaneous boners. Not even tempted to 'test run'.
  7. Still going strong, I see
    Flatlining, huh? I guess it's a price we all have to pay, right?
    good luck!
  8. Day 23.
    Sporadic morning wood. No spontaneous boners. Feel a 'rush' though when seeing an attractive woman. Watched 2-2 of Game of Thrones last night and my body rushed at the sight of the sex scenes. Took this as an encouraging sign that the flatline may be at an end.

    Balls feel very full, and experiencing a weird feeling in the urethra. Almost like I need to pee, but not really. Feel it when doing reverse kegels or squeezing out a dump. Planning on having sex around day 30. Need to let some of the presure our. Hope it goes well!
  9. Day 25.
    Nothing. Little desire; little sensation. One long ass flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatline....
  10. Day 29.

    Had sex two days in a row (different partners) and it was epic on both counts. The soldier was as much a champ as ever. Feel reborn. Rocky theme song playing in the background.

    I need to keep this up (lol). Never going back to the ED, shitty feelings and anxiety. Wherever you are guys - it gets better.

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