PMO and brain cognitive functions (esp. memory)

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    A lot has been written about the negative consequences of PMO on one’s sexual condition. I’ve noticed the vast majority of the addicted complain chiefly about erectile dysfunction, delayed or premature ejaculation, low libido, inability to find real women attractive or struggling fears.

    What I have been experiencing as the biggest downside of addiction is the damage of brain cognitive functions, especially the ability to memorize written text, to verbalise my thoughts properly (without stuttering), to find connections between the cause and the effect efficiently, to focus on complicated tasks etc. For about 14 years I’ve been struggling such problems, doing everything I could to keep up with my education at lower and higher schools. To maintain relatively good marks I’ve been overstudying by learning things by heart, also at the university. Also, I’ve been making a lot of simple maths mistakes. There were moments when I could have forget the first part of sentence which I’ve just said or read. Because of the problems mentioned above, I ditched my dreams about intellectual development, for instance I quit learning French and Chinese.

    It was so humiliating in the comparison to my colleagues who were not affected by the PMO addiction. I have always needed at least two or three times more effort and time to prepare for an exam. It lead me to the statement that I am a holder of worthless life. Then at the age of 22 I came across the informative materials about pornography addiction and I realized I was severely engaged in it.

    I’ve been searching for information about the PMO affection on the brain cognitive functions, but in comparison to sexual dysfunctions, there are hardly information form rebooters about that. That’s why I’ve decided to write a post and ask you for help.

    1. Have you ever faced the problem with memorizing things while PMO?
    2. Did you experience any positive change after the period of rebooting?
    3. Would you indicate some posts or researches relevant to memory and concentration in the context of rebooting?
    4. Would you give me some advices or words of comfort in respect of restoring my brain cognitive functions?
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  2. Big Lebowski

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    1. Absolutely, compulsive pmo’ing turned me into a devoid, numb, borderline retarded at times with no memory whatsoever (short term), stuttering, zoning out of conversations, couldn’t read information in books properly, couldn’t take information in found it hard to learn anything, abstract thinking was impossible. It’s like my mind was blank.

    2. Yes, but my results didn’t happen overnight it seems to be gradual and only a small improvement. My short term recall is a little bit better. I don’t really stutter anymore.

    3. Google ‘yourbrainonporn’ have a thorough read.

    4. Honestly, don’t relapse to porn ever again. Symptoms get worse and worse and you will never recover if you stay in the same circle.
  3. Caoimhín

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    One thing that I would add to your recovery is the practice of meditation. This can help train you mind to be more aware and in the moment. I have experienced many of the same symptoms as you, although never attributed this to PMO, but definitely have found relief with daily meditation.
  4. varunsharma

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    I also think that brain functions and physical functions of our body have been effected by pmo addiction . Meditation is a good thing to add for recovery . I have trying to quit pmo for a lot of time , and just once I got to 110 days no porn , but occasional masturbation(once in almost 15 days), that has been my longest no pmo streak . I agree with whatever you have said. Also I have started to sleep a lot from the time I started watching porn. My mental and physical abilities were better before I got addicted . Also , I think I have been in a depressive state for the last two years , because of the realization mainly that lots of bad things have happened after watching porn and it is difficult to reverse them back .
    One thing that I dont understand is that many of my friends have probable watched more porn than me , they dont know about porn induced ed and even now they keep watching occasionally . But their mental or physical abilities havent been effected at all , as far as ed is concerned , all of them are virgins so no clue about that.
    I think that staying away from porn is a very good thing to do , in the last 2 years I have had streaks of 20-30 days pretty often , and as a result I have realized that my mental and physical abilities have improved . Though whenever I have binge relapsed , then my mental and physical abilities go really down , else if I am able to relapse maybe just once in 20-30 days and then not binge and go for another 20-30 days , things do improve .
    I also feel that our psychological states, emotional states have also changed , confidence and self esteem have been hit really hard and all those experiences of bad memory during exams or bad public speech events and all have made matters worse . Much like you , I have also stopped doing challenging academic work , because somewhere down I think that it is difficult for me to do it now , and it would me about twice or thrice as much hardwork to do those things then other people.

    I really feel that apart from quitting porn , making the conscious decision of not doing it anymore , we also need to change our self image . I believe that this is a really big thing we need to do to bring our confident self back .
    Meditation , daily is a good thing to do , also exercising also helps (exercising releases good hormones in our brains) . Reading self help books also help .
    Right now I am reading The New Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz , I hope this book helps me . I have read about 2-3 self help books , but I realize that I am not able to do the exercises mentioned in them , the corrective actions to really change things .

    It will be good if you can read this book with me , it is a really famous book , maybe together we can figure out something to help both of us . Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz (1).pdf

    Here is the link for it
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    There was a study a few years ago (I think it was a Cambridge study) where they found a correlation between porn use and gray matter in the prefrontal cortex. The more porn a subject used the less gray matter.

    From wikipedia:
    I think it's possible that other areas of the brain are negatively affected. I definitely experienced a lot of the symptoms you guys talked about: problems with concentrating/memorizing , slow thinking.
  6. Freedom from Servitude

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    In my experience, PMO can definitely have an impact on cognitive performance. However, I would recommend caution in placing your hopes of improvement in your symptoms on becoming abstinent from porn use. I was diagnosed with Dyslexia late when I was student at university. Rather than accept my own limitations and strengths and make an effort to fully understand myself, I for a while believed that conquering the addiction was a panacea to most of my problems and that would allow me to cope better with my responsibilities as a student. In your case, be prepared that you might have a learning difference, or simply plain old social anxiety that may be affecting the way your mind works. Either way though giving up porn is going to help, just don't get too caught up in the promises from the success stories

    I've got Psycho Cybernetics on my book shelve and am slowly making my way towards it. Have you found it helpful?
  7. varunsharma

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    I have read first two chapters and so far the book seems good . Maybe we will find something useful by the end of it.

    What you said about cognitive abilities is also right , leaving porn does helps in improving cognitive abilities , but we need to realize that our expectations should be realistic .

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