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    Hey everyone! There have been way too many posts in this section that have nothing to do with success stories.

    Maybe it was a little confusing as to what this section was for, but it's only a place to post successes and personal victories regarding quitting pornography addiction and bettering your life.

    No more soliciting questions from "successful" rebooters in this section. Write those in the other sections - that's what they are for! If that doesn't work, personal message a "successful" rebooter and I'm sure they will get back to you.

    Please help keep this tab an area where people can go to read encouraging stories only. DON'T MAKE ME DELETE OR MOVE YOUR POST, YO. ;) :D

    Hope that clears things up.
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    Thank you, Fugu!!!
  3. fugu

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    Of course! It needed to be done! 8)
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    Hi guys,

    It is my pleasure to join this forum. I have just started my journey with nofap, and now I am succeeding and winning. My feelings are now very high and I'm highly motivated with my choice for this new life style, I would rather name it. I have noticed that changes have started to come up. First, my energy has a bit increased and found myself be able to do other things, which I couldn't have done if my situation was as before. Second, my free-time has become much more available than ever before. Last, but not least, My motivation has dramatically increased, which I believe it as a sign for success, and that I have now become a human being and a man who should go for achieving his missions and goals in this life.

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    Okay so here is the readers digest version.

    About three weeks ago, I was having sex with my wife and when I entered her everything seem fine. Then all of a sudden I went limp. I have been struggling with porn and masturbation for 18 years. When I would have sex, the images would get me thru the act. However, I could rarely release with her in bed or only doggy style. I often would always go the bathroom afterwards and jack off at the sink thinking about Kobe Tai or some porn star.

    The day I had sex, and could not keep an erection, it scared me literarlly and I started praying. I'm thinking, hey, I'm in my 30s and this is happening. The second time it happened, I almost called the hospital in fear. So, I immediately was convicted about porn and masturbating, and for a long time I was always asking God for deliverance from it. I immediately stopped masturbating and quit visiting porn once I could not get an erection. I would even Pornhub a hot sex scene, and there was no activity down there.

    I live in Orange County, Ca. So going to beach, I always see girls and their ass on the beach. I get turned on, but now I try to not let that create sexual images in my head. I mean I love the female image, just like God intends.

    It's been three weeks this past Sunday, and since then I have joined a gym, started eating really, really healthy. This has now allowed me shred some fat, become more confident in being naked in front of my wife, which should be normal anyway. When standing in front of naked just out of the shower, I would start getting hard. I hadn't undressed in front of her in so long. I would close the door for privacy when getting dressed and undressed. The devil really robbed me in that areas. I mean every husband and wife should have no problem being naked in front of each other..

    This past Sunday we had sex, it was the first time in two weeks since my last failure. My mind was going bananas over my wife's body. We were kissing, and I begin just her private areas, and making her really aroused. She pulled off her clothes, and I did also, and when I approached her I went limp. She touched me and we begin kissing again, and I was able to enter her. I wanted to taste every part of her, and I did. I got a really hard erection and this time I entered her and focused on her in that moment, no porn images in my head. Just looking down on her enjoying my hard penis being inside her was a turn on for me. I grabbed her softly all over (kissing, nibbling, and licking her beautiful tanned body) even giving her cunnilingus till the point where she was moaning intensely and orgasm'd by my oral stimulation. Once she came, I turned her over and entered from behind thrusting into her and I released a very large load.

    I have my erections back, and not masturbating makes my erections really hard. The best part is that I want my wife and her body now.

    There is an emotional connection during intercourse this time. My eyes are not closed thinking of a porn scene, but I focus on her in that moment and giving pleasure to my wife.

    I believe she notices a change, because she was less inhibited during sex, really vocalizing her pleasure of my working inside her, and will let me do almost anything to her. Almost anything.

    So now that I have that been in reset, I understand that sex is for me and my wife's pleasure.

    It's great being free in my mind now. So don't give up guys. 8)I apologize if my story was TMI, but I really want to help other brothers get free from Demonic Mental Prison that porn binds us in.

    Don't quit.
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    This is amazing information.

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