Please get me out of Cuckold fetish and ED & save me!!

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    I just masturbated to a cuckold porn.
    I am 27 yr old husband, married 1.5 yrs ago. I never imagined I will enjoy showing off my women till my 24 I think.
    I started porn since age of 16-17 and always wanted to get out of it. Since past a few years I have becoming interested in showing off my gf/wife over the net to want to see her getting fucked.
    Please help me, as I am ruining my life and career, all time I am thinking of this or doing nothing.
    I have developed anxiety issues too after showing my wife pics over the net to strangers, I even have recently created a account on porn site to upload her nude pics(without face).

    Please help me to get out of this fantasy. I am also having ED issues it's very difficult to penetrate her, I get hardness but for very short period, otherwise it just get big a bit soft, i.e. not enough strength to penetrate.
    As I am uncut hence I am able to enter sometimes by using pulling back foreskin just on her hole, but only in one position - Doggy, in other position - women on top, I evacuate as soon as she tries to stick it in.. like in 5-10 seconds.

    But you get the extent of my addiction. Instead of making my career I am doing shit and showing my wife nude on net, and disturbing my most precious relationship.

    And also my confidence level is also very down or I should say my self respect.
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    Please email me at
    I know a few ways that you can stay hard while thinking about this, it may or may not work. I also have this fetish.
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    We can't save you. You have to save yourself.

    Here is what I recommend based on what other people who know more than I do have said.
    1. Delete your entire porn stash. Do it now, before you change your mind. I know that it's scary. Just do it.
    2. Install porn blockers to prevent you from accessing porn. Do it as soon as you've completed step 1.
    3. Stop masturbating. Seriously, just stop!
    4. If you have the courage, share your problem with your wife so that she can support you in recovering from this ghastly addiction.
    I recommend a 90-day full-abstinence period (a "hard reboot"), during which time you abstain from all porn, all masturbation, all sex, all orgasm. If you think that you literally can't avoid masturbating, I don't know, get a chastity device and give the key to your wife.

    She deserves better. You deserve better. Everyone whom you impact in your life deserves better. Do it for all the right reasons. Just do it.

    You can get more information on NoFap (I can't leave a link, so Google it. Scroll to the bottom of the home page when you find it).

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