1. wes381

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    Hy, i am 27 years old. I started MO since 12 and PMO since i was 14-15.I PMO during this time almost every day and two years ago I found about PIED, watching Gary Wilson youtube video. Since 2017 I kept trying and relapsing but now I wanna change my life, because I cannot live like this anymore. Yesteday I was very confident about this, but than I read some stories about men who now are 450+ NO PMO and still not recovered, or not been able to have consistent sex, and that depressed me and made me so doubtable about results...last night I could barely sleep thinking about this shit over and over again.What if I will never be able to have consistent sex with a girl, not making a family?!This tought is killing me...if only I knew how distructive PMO can be tu us. I will give it 9 months to see if it works and I will have some improvments in life...if not i'm not sure what i'll do next
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    Everyone's brain is different, and the severity of ones PIED is also different, so chill. These numbers sound like a long time but they really actually aren't. I've kept a physical journal for the last two years of my life and I can tell you I had no grasp of time before starting it. A year is incredibly short, 6 months is even shorter and 3 months is just the length of summer.

    Just enjoy taking a step away from all things sexual. I've been fighting this for the last 7 years of my life and only now am I getting out of it. Just keep fighting. The longer you go and the more progress you see, the easier it gets.
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    I know that the time passes by and looking back it doesn't seems so much 3 , 6 or even 12 months...but now at this time the days seems to be years. It's hard but I have to stay focussed, follow the program and have faith that the things will be better. This is what I hope for even though, right now I feel that this is not going to work and I am a lost cause. I'll come back with more updates during my reboot and hope will be good news along the way.
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    I know man, I am in your exact same situation. All of this sucks, and I live your same fears and afflictions daily.

    Days have never been so long in my life. But that's also because I'm not numbing myself anymore in watching porn, and I have a lot of spare time. Fill those gaps with anything else you like, escape your comfort zone and discover other pleasures: reading, fishing, jogging, concerts... Anything will help, and none of these things will hurt you as much as porn did.

    It will work. Quitting this will make you a better and stronger person. Do not let yourself be entangled in a downward spiral of bad thoughts.
    It will need time, though. We both are coming from fifteen years of porn. If the price to get my lust and manhood back is just but a single year, I would feel lucky and happy to pay.
    There are not many advice I can give you. I'm feeling scared, and scarred, like you do. I have absolutely no idea of what will I do if this does not work.

    Try always to think at what you are trying to get back, and what made you lost it. Overcome PIED is possible, if not guaranteed.

    Stay strong.
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    2 months ago I went to a doctor and discover a bacterial prostatitis.i took antibiotics and is was fine...now I have the same symptoms like then and I have to take another sperm sample(masturbation) to laboratory.I just startet couple of days ago nofap and I wanted to take for 90 days straight.what should I do?
  6. Guts

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    It sounds like your addicted brain trying to rationalize a relapse. You can't order a refill of the antibiotics? Or better yet eat a healthy diet so as to prevent said symptoms in the future?
  7. wes381

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    It's not my brain,it is what doctor said.
    It need to have an antibiotics sensitivity test, to see at what antibiotic bacteria is sensitive and at what is resistant.I have no urge to masturbate,or watch porn.

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