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Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by JnanaYogiKarmaYogi, May 3, 2021.

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    Hey all!

    75 days hard mode here.

    After about 30 days hard-mode MW regularized but goes down when standing up. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. Can get erections without touch to realistic fantasy or sometimes full erections with no fantasy and just touch. All these signs were visible on day 30.

    After that I haven't noticed any improvement

    Sometimes feels like recovery is plateauing or backtracking.

    My question is- Do you think rewiring with a real woman is necessary to elevate this plateau or will it happen on its own with more time?
  2. zigga28

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    I think you are good Jnana,

    Recovery is a process that can feel up and down. Do not get caught up focussing the day to day changes to see if they are positive better to review it weekly for perspective or even better not at all.

    I guarantee YOU, even without meeting you that there will come a day when you feel amazing, sexual, libido is back and MW and everything is ONLINE... then 3-7 days AFTER that you will straight back into a HARD flatline and when that happens brother... DO NOT freak out and judge yourself or condemn yourself or FEAR that you are slipping back

    Recovery is not linear, I have had periods of plateaus or wonder if a flatline will ever end.... they do... they ALL do... stay strong, focussed on things other than porn and you will be back to normal and more ready to go get some girls than every before!
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