PIED reboot for more than 3 years - need help

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    Here is my story (I'm 31 years old now):

    When I was 6-7 years old, I found about porn magazines and and porn movies (VHS) that my friends parents had and that we watched. So MO started from that age. Things didn't get better as I grew up with the fast infernet and all that free porn. Masturbated to fantasy and occasionally to porn pics until I got ADSL when I was 15. From this age I have watched porn almost every day, usually once, sometimes 3-4 times with orgasm (PMO).

    I didn't try to have sex until I was 19 (because of porn, it gave me more satisfaction and stimuli than real girls), and I barely got it up. I tried to have sex 3-4 times with different girls - I mostly got the tip in before the erection completely disappeared.

    About 3 years ago, I noticed that my erections with porn became weaker, I had to watch more specific scenes to even get it up. This scared me a lot, so I stopped watching porn, cold turkey. Also I noticed that I didn't have any nocturnal/morning wood. About 6 months later, after stopping watching porn, I meet the love of my life, a gorgeous girl with all of the qualities that I was looking for. I could not get it up and I had zero libido ofc. I then read about PIED and so on, tried Viagra and met with docs and psychotherapist and all had the same conclusion: it is psychological. Well none of the treatments they gave me helped.

    The girl stayed with me for than 2 years. We tried to have sex a lot of times and she was very supporting. About 6 months ago we mutally ended the relationship.

    Things I've tried:
    - Tried to masturbate (w/wo fantasy) once a week to restart the whole process. But I thought it just only made it worse, the penis got more limp after the MO. Have tried this sporadically during these 3 years. Maybe it was bad.
    - Hard mode for 6 months last year. Didn't see any notable difference. Doing hard mode now since the end of July.
    - Minimal erection (10-20 %) if trying oral or hand job from my previous GF. When we tried PIV it just went away. Condoms were even worse.
    - Noticed that when previous GF stimulated the glans, especially with the hand, for example with oil, it was a bit painful/not comfortable.

    Where am I now?
    - No PMO for 3 years. Have tried to watch porn 3 times, to see if it worked, well it didn't, no erection.
    - Still low libido/sex drive, ie. still flatline.
    - Nocturnal/morning wood returned about 1 year ago. Lately the erections have been 90-100 %. Waking me up a lot of times.
    - Wet dreams occurs 1-2 times a month. Have noticed that when I drink alcohol the same evening I often have WD.
    - Hard to control fantasies in the morning/semi-awake mode or before sleeping. Better control during the day.
    - Have had pelvic pain after orgasms (after WD and after masturbating) many years but it seems that these have disappeared, I haven't noticed any pain after orgasm during these 3 months.
    - Noticed seminal leakage last year but have not had it for at least 6 months.
    - Not touching my penis or scrotum, except when going to the toilet.
    - Exercising has not been prioritized. But this changed a month ago. Now trying to do cardio, 30 min, at least 3 times a week, but will aim at every day.
    - Eating healthy. Not smoking or using drugs. Drinking alcohol rarely/on occasion.
    - When trying solo/masturbating, I have to fantasize to get a bit hard, even then it hard to keep the erection. Without fantasy it is much harder. I remember those times when I was younger and getting rock hard when just looking at someone/something or even touching myself...

    So the only thing that can get me a bit hard is fantasy. My plan is to stop to fantasize and not MO for about 1 year. I will continue with aerobic excercise and I will also try to get sulbutiamine, but it seems to hard to get in Europe, at least some legit stuff.

    Please give me some further advice on how to tacle this.
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    Viagra didn't work at all when you were with this girl? You tried every dose?
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    Okay: Something to clarify here:

    The problem: According to what I am reading you have not really performed a restart. That is: you in these last three years have not really rested.

    A reboot is a commitment to total abstinence from all forms of sexual stimulation (masturbation, sex, viewing adult content, having a partner) for a long period of time (18 months to 24 months is recommended).

    You have continued to masturbate for the last few years. The only thing you have done is to stop watching pornography but that is not enough.

    Another thing: You started too early. Starting at such an early age in life with these things makes the process much more difficult to reverse. You are currently 31 years old. Which means you've spent most of your life stimulating your body without taking a real break.

    In my personal advice I recommend a HARDMODE of 18 months to 24 months. To achieve this you must be single. It is important. If you are in a relationship you must end it or enter into a dialogue with the person.

    The only range of time you have really rested has been only 6 months (HARDMODE) during these three years. That time is insignificant compared to how long you have been masturbating. This is why your sex drive is numb and numb. You have only been resting for six months in the last 3 years. The rest of the time you have been having sexual activity as a result of weekly masturbation. Here's the mistake.
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    No, it didn't. I tried Cialis and Viagra and those that you put inside your urethra (not fun at all). For those to work, one needs to be sexually stimulated and wanting to have sex. But when in flatline mode with almost no libido, they will not work.
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    Thanks, I was thinking that sporadic MO or trying to have sex (with me Oing) with ex GF was bad, but I was desperate when nothing worked. Well, I just tried weekly MO for a like 2 months. The rest of the time it was just sporadical, with myself and/or ex. GF, like 2 times a month or every 2 months tops. But it is true that I only did hardmode 1 time, and it lasted for 6 months.

    I have not had any O (except WD) since July. I will try hard mode for 18-24 months. After that, should I try to stimulate the penis in some way? Should I get a fleshlight (just to not associate O with my hand) or something?

    I also have problem with slightly increased libido when going to sleep and waking up, which is normal, but it makes me fantasize, and gives me erections (going away fast though) and precum. Any stratagy to handle this? Just not thinking of it is hard. It might be from the time I PMOed before going to sleep and it probably is bad to stimulate those pathways.
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    U have already done 6 months hardnode and three years without porn clearly rebooting isn’t working for u why are you still obsessed with it ?it’s insanity surely u must realise this right ?

    I understand the symptoms are very real and difficult but if you tell your self I’m so damaged I need x years to recover it’s a self fuffiling prophecy .

    I explained in my posts and to you through pm on the other site in message advice but you don’t seem to have listened and are about to set out on a two years abstinence journey wasting years of your life because one Reddit user healed this way .
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    It is absolutely normal to have sexual fantasies at night and in the morning. Congratulations that this is happening to you. That means you HAVE LIBIDO OR SOME LIBIDO. Great.

    It's very normal and healthy. Get the idea out of your head that "you are supposedly feeding a certain type of pathway "X" or "Y" pathways". That is simply not so. Our sexual pathways are one and the same for masturbation, sex or when at some point in our time we watched erotic content.

    Regarding the 18 months HARDMODE you could experience it but only if you are single. If you are in a relationship it will become a problem. It can be useful for those who have really lost interest in sex because of too much PMO.

    It seems to me that the advice you are suggesting here @MBman6 is also correct anyway. If you get the self-prophecy into your head that you have a problem, you will. In fact you are seeing problems where there are none (such as thinking that by fantasizing you "feed certain types of pathways". That is simply absurd).

    My Advice: Fantasizing has never been abnormal or bad in human beings. In fact, it is a sign that you still want sex. That is a very good symptom. Don´t Worry with that.

    Simply put: if you have sexual desires, satisfy those desires with a real person.

    Forget about the pornography issue and the "supposed porn pathways in your brain" and all that nonsense. They no longer have any connection to pornography because you stopped watching it a long time ago.
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    Personally I wouldn't do that. I would personally look for a real woman to have sex with instead of waste my money away buying a Fleshlight.
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    what is it pied? explain to me please
  10. Reyaan Ali

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  11. Daniel25

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    can i have sex during the recovery period?
  12. Reyaan Ali

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    Yes, sex will help you rewire and cure your PIED.
  13. Daniel25

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    that is, having sex is usefu
  14. Daniel25

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    have you heard anything about sweating? how does it interfere with recovery?
  15. Reyaan Ali

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    I have not heard about sweating but I personally sweat a lot, I don't know why. It might have something to do with years of PMO addiction. I have been trying to reboot for last 3 and half years and I can say that I am no longer addicted to PMO and my sweating issues have reduced.
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    как насчет эрекции? Лечусь уже 3 месяца и безрезультатно, эрекция плохая.and I have excessive sweating. I was so without sweating with an erection, everything was fine
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    have you heard about the pelvic floor problem? how can you solve this problem? does anyone here practice kegel exercises?

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