PIED or something else?

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    Hey guys, first of all Hi and thanks a lot that a place like this exists.

    Circumstances in short: I'm suffering from severe insomnia for years which causes a lot of physical exhaustion (I sometimes have to lay in bed for a whole day because I can't walk).

    If I start masturbating (without porn) I can only get an erection when I stimulate my glans. My penis gets very hard and I could also get to O quite easily. If I don't O, I lose my erection within a couple of minutes and further glans stimulation does not lead to an erection anymore.

    If I then start watching P and I start to masturbate again, I do not get an erection but I could O within seconds.

    I'm not sure if this is really PIED (it doesn't make sense to me that I can get to O so easily) or if this has something do to with my physical exhaustion that I can't get maintain and get an erection without stimulating my glans. I'd be happy about your thoughts! I'd be happy about your thoughts!


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