PIED FULLY CURED ON DAY 72 IN HARDMODE Hard as rock today on day 72

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Dr. Freud, Sep 11, 2020.

  1. Dr. Freud

    Dr. Freud Member

    Hi all.

    I think I already feel ready to publish a success story, because I feel very good.

    I was very addicted. I used Porno in the Web up to three hours straight in a single session. I used Porn three or four times a week.

    However, I never escalated to strange genres.

    Last year I did several streaks of 50 days but ended up relapsing.

    It is the first time that I have reached 72 days. And this time it will be forever because I have been able to notice the benefits in libido when you do not use porn.

    My sexual energy 72 days ago was at zero. Today, after 72 days my libido is stable.

    The truth is that abandoning pornography and masturbation help a lot. Honestly, sexual health is much better without doing either.

    I've generally started to feel a lot more sexual energy since day 70.

    Sexual desire comes and goes in people in both former porn addicts and normals. Don't believe that myth of the flat line. That is placebo. The flat line does not exist nor is there scientific evidence for it.

    As of today my erectile strength is very good. I feel like my libido is fine. But I will continue in difficult mode because here in my country the Coronavirus is still among us. Any sexual contact and I'm afraid of getting infected.

    I'm a single man. Yes, happily single.:) Personally I think that this trip has to be done while single. It is much easier. :)

    Regarding depression and anxiety: I have never suffered from either of the two. I only gave up porn because it was only affecting libido.

    I am experiencing random erections that last quite a long time. Besides a healthy libido, I no longer waste my time on the internet looking at that garbage (I mean porn)

    I'm 38 years old. I started using pornography since I was 24 years old. Never in my teens. Perhaps this is the reason why I have recovered so quickly and my sexual desire is back.

    Gary Wilson is right: Men who started out older and didn't grow up using porn on Interntet recover much faster. It's not even 90 days and I feel great in terms of sexual health.

    The Day number 90 has not arrived and I already feel great:)

    ALL ARE GOING TO RECOVER. I WISH YOU ALL TO RECOVER. I'M LEAVING THIS SITE NEXT WEEK. I will delete my account because this process for me ended happily.

    Health to everyone:)
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  2. GloriousBastard

    GloriousBastard New Member

    Keep us informed about the progress and your status over the next few months.
    I am 36 years old and about 130days into the journey, soft mode, I had sex a few times with V, some blowjobs and a masturbation...for me in this point my PIED is worst than on the begining of the streak...or I feel this way. I have night erections but no morning wood or spontanios erections.
    Anyway, about the social skills and social anxiety I don't know how all of this work but...I feel much better.
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  3. Dr. Freud

    Dr. Freud Member

    Hello: First of all: You have made a mistake by having such recent sexual activity. The goal is hard mode. Smooth mode is useless.

    If you continue having sexual activity the recovery will be much more complicated.

    An observation: Maybe I am feeling high libido and good erections today because I actually started using porn very late in life (I first used porn at 24 years of age).

    Another thing: 130 days is very little. The recovery process must be a minimum of 1 and a half years in total abstinence. That is why I advise men to go through this process while single.
  4. Dr. Freud

    Dr. Freud Member

    You are having excessive sexual activity. You are making a big mistake.
  5. GloriousBastard

    GloriousBastard New Member

    Hey, when you are married and your wife ask for divorce because you didn't made sex with her for 5 years...it is a disperate call to make sex.
    I know, I know...I allready talked with her, she don't have pacience anymore...anyway...if I look behind...5 years I kept this woman without sexual stimulation.
    This...ladies and gentleman can make porn from a marriage.
    The only way to try to kepp my marriage is trying to make sex with V again...and maybe in time will be ok.
    The strange fact is, if I see a nude photo or a nude in a movie...i get the rush, even a semi erection...but in real live I have work that dick to get up...even if my wife is a fucking catwalk model.
  6. Dr. Freud

    Dr. Freud Member

    I'm so sorry.

    I don't know what to tell you because fortunately I am single and I am going to decide to be chastity for a full year while the pandemic ends.

    I wish you much happiness and health in your life my friend.
  7. Dr. Freud

    Dr. Freud Member

    I cannot do this because I am going to delete my account.

    Personally, I think that it is not worth being registered in this forum after recovery.

    For the sake of your recovery I advise you to leave this forum at some point. I am going to delete my account next week.
  8. GloriousBastard

    GloriousBastard New Member

    Thanks for the kind world. I wish you a beautiful life!
  9. Dr. Freud

    Dr. Freud Member

    Equally for you

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