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    ...Now I'm no psychoanalyst, but I believe one may call that a Freudian slip.

    @DoneAtLast - In my experience, if one is not morally or otherwise bothered by the act in question (trampolining etc.), no amount of hard-mode is going to make the like of it go away. Other than Guts, I think I've gone about as close to the 18 months as anyone, and when I went back to porn after that I didn't dip my toes in the water with a dash of softcore or whatever, it was BAM right back to where I left off....ALMOST. Because it doesn't bother me. I can say that if it bothers you, it will go away, or at least, you can get away from what you don't want. Which is good. What happens with me, is that when one is close to "cured", or whatever, more mundane things do it for you. So it's not like I have to get rid of the trampoline, but where before I only wanted trampoline, now I feel a renewed enjoyment of the patio set, bar, and the pool (this analogy is for rich people) ... and when you're really cured, you can just lay on the lawn and enjoy the breeze. In that case, if a chick comes over and wants to jump on the trampoline, I'm down. If she just wants to lie on the grass, I'm down.

    Where before if she came over, and wanted to lay on the grass, I'd pout, because all I want is trampoline. In reality, I wouldn't invite any girls over, or play on my trampoline, I'd simply watch other people play on their trampolines on TrampolineTube.

    I think of porn's effect on sexual proclivities like a hierarchical pyramid (like the food group pyramid), where the bottom of the pyramid is more mundane sex acts, and farther up the pyramid it gets more and more hardcore, and the makeup of the acts on the pyramid is specific to any individual. If you are well and cured, you are happy to partake in all the sexual acts offered on the pyramid which is a wide array. But the more porn you watch, and the more you fry your brain, the lower areas of the pyramid progressively do less and less for you, to where you just simply have to venture farther and farther up the pyramid, and the endgame is only one or two things get you excited anymore. Once your dick doesn't even work for those things, you have to venture up the flagpole at the top of the pyramid, past your natural proclivities. Generally after that, you fall off the flagpole and go splat at the base of the pyramid. Which is what happened to my associate Dr. Rudy Blatnoyd, who allegedly died in a tragic trampolining accident.

    It is those proclivities up past the top of the pyramid, where you have to climb the flagpole, that will go away, because you really ain't into it. Without a doubt, IMO, you can brute-force your way into permanently liking things you wouldn't have without porn. You can build your pyramid a bit higher. But you only have so many bricks, and it takes a very long time. Unlike some people, I don't think you can turn a prude into a vile disgusting lunatic, or turn a straight person gay (or vice-versa). And I think implying porn can do this does not help our cause. That happens when one starts climbing the flagpole, but if one ain't into it, they can climb down again, IMO.

    When I'm abstaining, this is how i know (other than MW, or whatever) how far I have to go. When I start fantasizing about making out with chicks, then I know I am cured. And in the reverse, when I've been messing up for a long time, and there are only maybe 4 things I can think about that do it for me, then 3, then 2 .... uh oh this is getting bad.....Endgame is when you need compilations just to feel anything, that is when you are balancing on one foot on the top of the flagpole, about to do your final suicide dive all the way to basecamp.

    In regard to your point that porn craving and actual libido feel different. I agree absolutely. The former is a weasely drug-like want, the latter is an aggressive positive feeling.
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