Picking Back Up After a Fall

Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by anonyturt, May 25, 2019.

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    Day 0. Hello! I am back here after a long, wasted weekend of relapsing.

    I used this site about 6 years ago now when I realized I had a problem and what to change my life around! It worked! I did not PM for more than a year, met the girl of my dreams, and got married (married for more than 3 years now). I did M probably a dozen times in the last 6 years or so, without porn, and then in the last year I relapsed with porn a few times about a month apart.

    I thought I was no longer susceptible to the risk of the pornography and the relapses were overcome... I was wrong. I spend the last weekend, when I should be finishing an important project... in a PMO haze. My wife does not know I have this problem and I know telling would kill her (make her lose confidence in herself, make our intimacy more guarded for her).

    I guess your never 'cured', it's a life long battle. Definitively at the low point of that battle now. The course I am on now will hurt myself and my wife. This forum helped me with my first very long streak and help me obtain a lot of my goals and dreams. Time for another go!

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