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    So, this isn't a topic about whether it's appropriate to use a net filter or not, since we already have some of those. What I'd really like to know is how you've set up your personal filter system. It's up to you whether you use a filter or not, but I've found it's helped me more than any amount of willpower I could muster. It's especially important if you're someone like me, who's somewhat tech-savvy and an engineering student who has to spend a lot of time on his computer regardless of whether you think it's a good idea or not. This guide is for Windows, though, so keep that in mind.

    If you're going to go with filtration, here are my tips for anyone new to YBOP: I'd suggest putting more than one filter on your computer. K9, Opendns, and Squidguard are all free and popular choices. K9 is my personal choice. It's browser-independent, pretty customizable, and pretty much impossible to get rid of without either a password or reinstalling your entire OS. Plus you can add a site to the blacklist without needing the password, which is very useful. I'd recommend doubling up, because you can't have enough layers between you and a relapse. Regardless of your choice, make sure it's password protected. Then make a random password, and give it to a friend, save it on a work computer, or do what I did and write it down on a piece of paper then put that paper in a hard to reach spot. When I say hard-to-reach, I really should say "in a place where it'll require physical effort to get to it." I threw mine behind a tall pile of boxes and heavy trunks. It will take me a while to move them out of the way, and I can't just slide them out of the way unless I want to die a humiliating death. For you, it might be putting the paper in a box and burying it three feet under your lawn like someone in another thread suggested. Either way, it's better than just putting it in a closet or in a locked place, because it takes no effort to open a door or twist a key, but if you have to dig in your lawn to get to the password you'll be more inclined to say "eh, to hell with it" unless it's really, really important to get the password. Make a list of all the keywords you can think of relating to porn and your personal fetishes, then boil them down to 2-4 letters that a search engine won't be able to recognize the words without and block those. So let's say you wanted to block Google, I would block "goo" or "gl", maybe both, but especially the latter.

    Secondly, I'd install some website-blocking browser extensions for a more tactical approach. I'm a Firefox user, and three I've found extremely useful are Adblock, BlockSite, and Leechblock. Adblock can hide arousing images with a couple clicks. Blocksite can get rid of the ability to even click on links to sites you specify, which I've found invaluable in blocking SSL HTTPS-protected sites which are annoyingly resilient even with K9. Leechblock can block sites and also can disable the ability to modify your other extensions (except Adblock, which you can use to block images no matter what), with the option to get rid of the ability to even turn off that last option (I'd recommend blocking every single site you can think of before you do that, though).

    Finally, if you use Internet Explorer, don't. Go to Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Content, then use the content advisor to block any access with IE.

    Oh, and I would block Google by all these means, personally. It's innocuous enough, but the image search with SSL bypasses K9 even with the "filter https" setting on, and even with the Safe Search option on the sheer volume means that a lot of NSFW images will get through. I take zero chances.

    So here's a runthrough of my whole setup: First, there's K9, which I've set to block Google, all my personal keywords, keywords that will let me download a different browser, all filesharing sites I could find, and I've generally set up to fit my limits and tastes. Then I have Adblock, Siteblock, and Leechblock all working in tandem to support K9 by blocking HTTPS sites and other sites K9 can't, with Leechblock keeping me from deleting those sites from the list. Then I fiddled with the main JAR file for Firefox to keep it from opening in safe mode, thus disabling the add-ons (I can share how to do this with you Firefox users, if you'd like). Then I obtained (pirated >_>) a program called Folder Lock, which can be password protected and is also really hard to uninstall without the password, to keep me from editing any Firefox and K9 files manually. And now my saftey net is mroe or less tight enough to hold water.

    This all might seem like taking the whole filter idea to a Howard-Hughes-esque level of obsession, but to be honest it's helped a lot. Not just from a technical standpoint, either. Just having all this 'security' is liberating in a way. I find myself not trying to test the filter and find a way "over the fence," nor do I find myself engaging in any behavior that resembles the old days of trawling a search engine and clicking on link after link of porn sites. I figure that eventually I'll reverse these habits by doing this, so it's more than just an obstacle in the way for me. It's the difference between sticking your raptors behind an electric fence and sticking them in a metal box then tossing them in the ocean. Of course no method can be 100% foolproof, but I'd rather it be 98% than 50%.

    But it might just be that I have the self-control of a tree slug. I don't know.
  2. Very helpful post! I have implemented several of your suggestions.

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