Personal experience PIED 1 month rebooting

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    Hello everybody,

    I created an account to tell my story hoping that it would help/give some incentive to others that are in the same situation as me.

    I am 26 years old. I started masturbating viewing porn at the age of 17 increasing the content and frequency. In the beginning I masturbated up to 5 times per day, really hardcore until I turned 22, when I had my second sex experience (my first one was a good one at the age of 17) and I couldn't get it hard enough to have penetration sex. I decided to lower my masturbation pace to once every two days believing that everything was normal and that I failed because of the excess masturbation.

    4 months ago, I seeing a friend that wanted to turn our friendship in a friendship+ and I agreed. The moment that almost destroyed me was when she said that my dick was not hard enough and that something is wrong. I thought I was having ED but when watching porn I realized that my got really hard and even took some pictures to prove it to her.

    I decided then to quit watching porn but failed because I kept fantasizing in the special porn I liked (and still like to be honest but try not to think about it too much). When we tried again for sex, I failed and started doing some research and discovered that I had to stop everything, even fantasy masturbation and edging. The first weeks have been EXTREMELY hard (it gets better with time) but you feel improvements.

    I am now in week 5 and I will see this friend again next weekend hoping to have a decent erection to finally have successful sex with her. Maybe I won't but I will keep trying as I feel some improvements (morning woods, seing women differently, etc...). I still have cravings (it is indeed an ADDICTION), but as every addiction, one can overcome it!

    I want to have a normal life, have sex, and maybe one day have kids. I really like this girl and would like to please her sexually because if I don't I would hate myself a lot.

    I have an obsession/fetish with women weighing in. It is a rare one but before it was the only thing that turned me up, now the other day I was goofing around with another friend and suddenly had an erection so another sign of improvement.

    I will come back in two weeks after seeing my friend to update my status. Wish me luck!

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