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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Peaceseeker2224, Nov 11, 2021.

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    I got started watching tranny porn after an ad popped up on my screen about a year and a half or more ago now. That was when I started to get a little more serious about learning about porn addiction. Since then I have gone deeper into it and even sometimes fantasize about having sex with a tranny. I realize that I have this fear and shame surrounding it that does not serve me but instead, I go deeper into the addiction (tranny gangbangs, gay porn) in order to deal with my emotions and the fact the regular tranny porn no longer satisfies me the same. Has anyone here ever been through this?
  2. Peaceseeker2224

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    I'm 25 I started at 10/11 though. Used to be all girls and still is a good bit of the time but I keep going back to trans. I realize a lot of it is emotional. I'll get really depressed and that becomes the only thing I can watch. Good that you have 11 days in man! keep going for it!
  3. Peaceseeker2224

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    Nah i don't like it man. I really would love to be with an actual women in all honesty
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    Yep been down this route.

    Was 10 years ago... Quite a number of times I ended up meeting up with trans women.

    Many times as soon as I arrived and realized what I was doing, I felt the complete opposite of what I felt while masturbating, i.e. completely turned off, and made my excuses and left.

    Only once was there any kind of outcome that could be compared with being with a woman and that was with one that was with one whom I could not see any resemblance of male sex...

    But on the whole the experience was not satisfying and I am completely amazed at the degree of disconnect between what I fantasized about what I want, and what I actually enjoy.

    In short, steer clear of fantasy and PMO... Complete waste of time and energy. It took me 20 years to learn that.
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    I largely escalated to a certain point and hit a point of boredom. I might have escalated to a new point, but I used that boredom to help me quit. It wasn't a conscious decision at the time, but looking back that is certainly what happened. It helped give me the resolve when the "high" wasn't as good as it once was. Something about relapsing and being really disappointed with the experience was helpful. Trannies weren't my thing. It was pregnant women. I never would've had the nerve to seek out a hookup (nor would I have known how... I guess scroll Tinder for enough hours and you'll stumble on something?), but that would have been my next level down. Luckily by the time I was feeling that boredom I'd spent enough time on this board to know that seeking out hookups for a fetish is a very, very dark place to travel, so that further crossed it off my list.
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  6. CapitolConfusion

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    Trans is not natural, if you're straight. I respect gay bi and trans, but they are not for heterosexual men and will fuck with your brain..
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    Been there done that. I went from whatever fixes I could get with female porn (lesbian, granny, squirt, anal, extreme fetish) then to trans porn at 18 and watched it on snd off for 16 years. I still get the urge to look at my fav tranny. I’m 9 months on my no PMO road, I’ve unfortunately watched 3 time of provocative shit including tranny but thankfully no MO but I can go months cold turkey and I know the habit will be Broken permanently soon.
    My advice is to think of it as unnatural and unhealthy. And like another person said it is not satisfactory (after the hook up you feel dumb - ive met 3 trannys and it was for oral only - they are manly bro - behind that make up and the online pictures - they still have big hands big feet, Adam
    Apple, and hair). Oh and the first time I ran away Lool because I was scared when I saw her/it.
    I love pussy and always will since it’s the natural thing for man. I think I got into tranny stuff because I was depressed and then it just became a bad habit.
    Love yourself first and give yourself the respect you deserve. Then find yourself a loving lady and respect her. She’s going to want your dick to make her orgasm and she’ll love you more.
  8. Mark T

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    couldn’t agree more!

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