performance anxiety or PIED AND MASTURBATION

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    i've had sex before where my ED wasn't too bad and had great sex but ..

    hello my friend i'd love for you to message me back or do a video i need your help

    hey just wanted to mention that i haven't watched porn in over 106 days but have masturbated.... last night i was with a girl we kissed and everything and i could get an erection, but i lost it when we weren't kissing.... this is probably due to me masturbating for over 12 years hardcore masturbation. i haven't masturbated in a while, but i have realized that i need to go on hardcore more completely stay away from masturbation it will set u back.... I'm going on a 120 day no fap challenge :) and keeping it that way after... any advice on why i can get erections when kissing but i lose it a short while after... is to do with psychology or heavy masturbation.. i was never a heavy porn user ... i wouldn't sit there on hours an ends watching porn... i would only use it to masturbate.. i used to masturbate 4 to 5 times a day not knowing the consequences

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