performance anxiety or PIED AND MASTURBATION reply please :)

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Shello1, Apr 16, 2015.

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    i've had sex before where my ED wasn't too bad and had great sex but ..

    hello, my friends i'd love for you to message me back or do a video i need your help

    hey just wanted to mention that i haven't watched porn in over 106 days but have masturbated.... last night i was with a girl we kissed and everything and i could get an erection, but i lost it when we weren't kissing.... this is probably due to me masturbating for over 12 years hardcore masturbation. i haven't masturbated in a while, but i have realized that i need to go on hardcore more completely stay away from masturbation it will set u back.... I'm going on a 120 day no fap challenge :) and keeping it that way after... any advice on why i can get erections when kissing but i lose it a short while after... is to do with psychology or heavy masturbation.. i was never a heavy porn user ... i wouldn't sit there on hours an ends watching porn... i would only use it to masturbate.. i used to masturbate 4 to 5 times a day not knowing the consequences
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    What do you think about when you masturbate? Is it porn scenes? Your sexual tastes can escalate from masturbation (w/ fantasy) alone. I have personally experienced this.

    This escalation may have resulted in you not feeling as aroused as you should during intimate moments with a partner.

    Stop masturbating for a month or two, and see how you feel after that. You should definitely find a renewed sexual interest in women (though you may experience some withdrawal symptoms along the way). If you find that you're still having some trouble with your erections, you could try Cialis. Did you feel anxious or nervous when you lost your erection last time?

    (By the way, over-masturbation can lead to erections becoming a bit unstable and 'soft'. This could also be playing a role.)
  3. Shello1

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    i have stopped masturbation for good now and hopefully this will sort it out

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