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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Doper, Oct 5, 2021.

  1. Doper

    Doper Well-Known Member

    I've seen a trend where users will choose to leave the forum, and just delete all their threads. If I post something in your thread, I didn't post it just to help you, I put in that time and effort to help anyone who might be helped by reading it, not just YOU. So if you just choose on a whim to delete all your threads, well that kind of destroys the entire point of having this community, not to mention the search bar. I can't imagine others that put more effort in than saying "good luck" or the like, don't feel the same way.

    It's akin to being in a jungle tribe where the whole group pitches in to build each others' houses, and then one of the families chooses to leave the tribe and they figure they'll just light their house on fire, so no one else in the tribe can use it.

    If you want to delete (or better yet just modify) certain parts of your journal or threads that YOU wrote, fine, I absolutely can understand. But when it's not just your content that gets deleted, I have an issue with that. I don't know how others feel about this, but it certainly makes me not want to post in other peoples' journals or threads, and that's kind of the point of a forum, isn't it?
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  2. -Luke-

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    I also find this a little weird. Older journals are often full of wisdom and great inspirations. People have long since left this forum, but their old posts are still helpful.

    It's all anonymous anyway. Even if in 10 years some guy finds this forum and thinks "Man, that dude with the Lucky Luke profile picture wrote a whole lot of bs", why should I care?
  3. Youngfella2

    Youngfella2 New Member

    Thank you for this thread guys.

    I was actually one of those guys that was intending to delete my old posts (I posted as Youngfella before, made a new account since it seems I deleted the email for that account at some point in the past and couldn't sign in anymore. But well, I get a fresh start this way). Was just thinking that if I'm not using it anymore, might as well delete my account and my posts along side with it. But this what you wrote, Luke (jeez, what a coincidence regarding my avatar :D): "Older journals are often full of wisdom and great inspirations. People have long since left this forum, but their old posts are still helpful." That was beautifully said, and I sure hope so that my previous journals, threads and posts have helped people here in this forum after I've been gone, even if I don't know about it for sure. So I'm gonna leave them here because well, you never know and if they help even one guy/girl, then it's worth it.

    I haven't been here since 2020 but well, I want to make a new attempt at this again. I didn't mind porn for the couple of last years, but lately I have found new direction in my life and now it seems like a good time to try this again too. Guess you could say I found hope again.

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