penile skin exfoliation?

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  1. Sad_J

    Sad_J New Member

    It's been a long Sunday before EMT training starts up, so I've spent a lot of time just lurking around a few forums and researching to understand the beast that eats at me.

    I found this little tidbit on

    "May I suggest a gentle exfoliate scrub on the outside of the penis? I tried that last week and it made everything much smoother, seemed to clear up a little skin damage, and immediately increased the sensitivity on the outside. Ultimately, the main problem is in your brain. But I think exfoliation is worth a go as well. Today is Day 160 of no PM for me. I have had sex a few times though I still need to work on reestablishing contact with my genitals and just generally being more present in the act.
    I think that the exfoliation would be good for guys who've been rebooting a long time, maybe even more so than guys who are early on in their reboot and still have such a numbed-out brain. I tried it because my experimentation with genital awareness made me feel how disconnected I was down there. One night, I start doing light touches and felt like I couldn't feel that much on the surface of the skin. I have some skin damage that has probably desensitized the shaft a little bit so I was kind of testing that out as well.
    I read somewhere that excessive masturbation with no lubrication can cause the skin to thicken and lose sensation, so I thought exfoliating the area would potentially remove some of that buildup. And it worked! I immediately felt smoother and more sensation down there and it's really helped me separate the lack of sensitivity in my brain from the lack of skin sensitivity (which is not really that bad anymore). I think this could be a really good practice for guys who've been rebooting a long time and are looking to jump-start their libido and begin the rewiring process (which is where I am). It definitely made sex more pleasurable a few days later. I think it would also be really good in conjunction with the almond oil massages that you advocate. I was also going to test out light touches with a feather to start getting used to gentle sensations again.
    Overall, I would suggest doing the exfoliation, then using coconut oil and/or vitamin-E to protect and lubricate afterwards. I suppose this could also work for guys who are earlier in their reboot, perhaps particularly during the flatline phase. I'm definitely going to continue the practice weekly at least."

    anyone try this? any results?
  2. Sad_J

    Sad_J New Member

    what sort of scrub would you use? face wash?
  3. fugu

    fugu "You know, feelin' good, livin' betta." :) Staff Member

    Yeah I've tried this a little! I just used an exfoliating scrub in the shower during the evenings.

    I think I'm not quite ready for it though - I'm not far enough along in my reboot yet!
  4. alex0213

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    I'd be concerned about irritation from exfoliating down there. It's true that keratinization of the skin can cause some deadening of sensation (just like the palms of your hands and soles of your feet lose sensitivity over time), but there are other ways to counter this problem. A lotion with vitamin C can help, because vitamin C can help minimize the keratinization process. A moisturizing penis health creme with this ingredient might be a good thing to try.
  5. WTP

    WTP New Member

    I'd avoid using a powerful exfoliant.

    I started using Aveeno, which is very mild. I think it did help with sensitivity.

    I use it once or twice a week.
  6. MichaelT99

    MichaelT99 New Member

    Exfoliating your penis is a wise move indeed. It sounds complicated, but it really isn't. Wash (with soap and water) and dry thoroughly every day. That is step one, a no-brainer. Adding a penis health creme to the routine will do wonders for the skin. Your penis will look, feel and even smell better. Check it out fellas.

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