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  1. Sad_J

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    Recently discovered this site. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I did a quick search thru this forum and it seems like the general consensus is that penile enlargement is possible, just takes a long while. Would some of the exercises help with an ED reboot? Or best to stay away from?
  2. CD

    CD New Member

    Just a quick thought. I've seen the stuff before, but as someone who wants to be a doctor (in other words, I have no really experience, or medical training to back up my advice), I think it's probably a bad idea. In general, if something sounds to good to be true, it probably is. I would think that stretches, pumps, all those things are likely to have severe effects in the long run, particularly as you get older. Plus, I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that touching my penis all the time like that would make me relapse. If you're serious, do some research (and be sure to look carefully at both sides) before you try anything like that. Like I said, it just sounds dangerous and a little shady IMHO.
  3. vayuputr

    vayuputr New Member

    well, i have tried jelqing routine for sometime and i can tell you that if done properly it has the potential to increase the size of the penis. The gains however vary from person to person.
  4. hogus

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    Most of the arguments against it stem from the stigma surrounding people being ashamed of a small dick, social correctness and those junk emails that promise 3" in a month or whatever.
    That's not to say the arguments for are legit but I've never read about someone who's got injured by following the instructions properly or any convincing (or even just scientific) arguments against.

    It seems a bit like PA tbh. Everyone rejects it but there are fairly large communities who claim to have results. I think some of it (ie pumps, stretching and jelqing) is more likely to be legit than not.
  5. breath

    breath Member

    the site wants to engage readers thus getting sponsors - money.
    There will never be new cells added to the penis. the difference between when we are fully hard and 3/4 is more about sensation. Maximize what you got, but it's about enjoyment for both parties.

    that site can't disguise that it's looking for money. i thought i had some moves but recently realized there were more effective ways of thrusting during intercourse. Angle matters more than length or girth, at least that's what I've observed from her reactions. And I'd always experimented with angles, but recently realized i was was looking for the maximizing angles.. Pretty sure that was a mistake now i'm learning to angle up towards a certain part of the G spot (that indents a bit). My gal doesn't like to talk about it. but even though i'm much less filling her up the new angle is make her enjoy more than in 15 years of marriage. aim for the spongy part

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