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    I have been a porn addict since my early teenage. I have been masturbating by doing online roleplays or watching softcore porn scene. In my early twenties i was in love with a girl & it changed my life, i stopped this addiction but after few months i had heartbreak & i got addicted bad to this ugly behavior.

    Currently i am 25 years old but i suffer from lack of libido, porn seems boring, although i dont like hardcore, i still spend a lot of time searching for scene that could arouse me. If not then i try to search people online with whom i can roleplay as girl. It turns me on & i masturbate thinking about the scene.

    I find difficult to get arose by looking at real woman even if i get erect its only for few seconds. I feel like i have totally screwed up my brain. What should i do ? Anyone else suffering from same ?
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    Hey man,

    I think a lot of us are in the situation you are.

    We have numbed our brains through the use of porn (whatever kind of porn each of us has chosen).

    Just do the best you can to avoid porn. That's really the best you can do. Just try to reduce the amount you use it.

    Try and do some exercise, or read a book, or go out and do something.

    Hope you are able to find a way to reduce your porn use and get your libido back for real life women.

    Good luck man!

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