Part time modelling job, great sex, and lean muscle gains

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  1. Sex just keeps getting better. I'm able to have back to back sessions with my girlfriend and maintain rock hard erections and cum with a condom on, something that was unheard of before. I've never felt this connected to another person, and I'm not just talking about in the bedroom either. I feel like a man, my strength at the gym is through the roof and I feel overrall like a better person. My confidence is affecting every aspect of my life, work, sex and relationships with other people. My focus is razor sharp, and I feel like I can accomplish anything. I've quit smoking for good, cleaned up my diet, which in turn cleaned up my complexion, have been working out well before discovering nofap but have managed to add 3 kg of, hard muscle to my frame, which altogether landed me a part time modelling job. Getting laid is the least of my worries. I'm knocking out my goals one by one and it feels good. I wouldn't have dreamed this was possible a year ago. Financially, I have managed to put aside 10000 euros now I'm not spending my money on alcohol and street drugs, have plans on moving in with my girlfriend and feel like an overrall healthy well rounded guy. Hope this will motivate you guys to stop wasting your life away watching porn, and quit this wretched habit of yours watching porn as if life didn't matter. If I did it you guys can do it too.
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    Sounds great man, looking to get their soon myself.

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