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    Hi, so I don't know where to start but I will share some of my story and how I got into PMO.
    I'm 28 y/o male, I started watching P when I was about 15-13 y/o the main stuff I used mixed stuff but mainly lesbian P.
    at 15 I was horny most of the time, would get erections a lot, but I did it out of curiosity and boredom.

    One year later we had family issues at the house and porn was my way to escape daily anxiety and feeling stressed all the time.

    Then around 18 y/o I suddenly stopped watching porn, I have no idea why but maybe the reason was I had no more anxiety and didn't feel any stress at that time, I honestly have no idea why, I stopped PMO completely for 2 years.

    Then around 21-20 years old I suddenly relapsed this is was 100% due to stress.
    It got so bad that I used to watch P for 5 hours, PMO 3-4 times daily every day!
    One time I PMO so much for many days straight that I couldn't get it up for the next week!
    2 years ago I have been diagnosed with ADHD mainly inattentive, I have been taking strattera maximum dose for a year it affected my libido by a lot but still managed to PMO.
    I stopped taking it and physician switched me to Concerta and Lexapro.

    I couldn't handle Concerta Side effects so I stopped it by myself but kept taking lexapro cuz it helped my anxiety and to calm me down.
    Even though it decreased my libido I managed to PMO a lot.

    Now a let me tell you how did this affected me.

    I now have no libido at all even though I stopped taking Lexapro for 6 months ( I hope it's not PSSD side effects of Lexapro :( )

    I can get an erection only when touching myself, I can't get a spontaneous erection at all at real women or P anymore.
    I have been with this girl who I love and I feel attracted towards for 6 months and I haven't even got hard or near hard once while I was with her.
    I also didn't get any morning erection.

    It is this bad.

    Now the good stuff is I stopped taking Lexapro since 6 months ago but my libido still haven't gotten any better, I still suspect it is due to PMO mainly hopefully and not permanent.

    Since I have stopped taking Lexapro I picked up running I weighted 108kg
    Now I'm now at 77kg.

    I have started eating more healthy stuff, maybe some fast food four times a month, but most of the time healthy stuff.

    I have managed to control my anxiety without medication and cope with my ADHD.

    I have stopped watching P for around
    2 weeks now I still O but without ejaculation.

    In the last week I started only have weak morning erections, but even when I MO my erection would go away in seconds the moment I stop stimulating with my hands.

    Now I came here to take this seriously and stop all PMO all together.
    My first goal is to survive one week, then 2 weeks and then 1 month.

    Next goal is another full month

    And lastly one more, so it is the 90 days PMO abstaining.

    PMO has done nothing to my life but destroy it.

    Now that I have a way to cope to everything wrong with my life I have no use for PMO.

    I still go into twitter & Instagram to see some hot girls and boobies to get O, but starting today I will abstain from all sexual stuff, if I have to get hard I want to get it through looking at real women ( hopefully soon enough).

    I will go for no PMO at all for 90 days.

    The only problem I'm thinking about right now is rewiring.
    Due to my religious beliefs I can't get into sexual act with any girls or even touching, everything is after marriage so I won't know for sure how fixed I am before I propose to the girl I love.

    Maybe O or even M after 90 days ? I dunno help me on this please.

    Lastly about my medical history:

    I have hereditary Polycystic kidneys disease that developed into Hypertension, I went to a Nepheologist and he said my condition is very stable and I shouldn't be afraid that it will affect my sexual life, I'm taking Valsartan 80mg for it and my blood pressure is always in control.

    Sorry for the long post, there are things I didn't mention yet but I tried to be as detailed as possible.

    Please if you have any question for me feel free to ask me I would love to answer them.
    Any suggestions are welcomed also.
    Thanks a lot for reading and wish me luck!
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    @iLoveChess strength for the start of your journey. I'm glad you are talking to a medical professional. I can't advise on ED issues cos I never battled to that extent but PMO still chewed up and spat out too much of my life. You are doing the right thing by trying to uproot P addiction in any case. I believe there is hope for everyone to have a satisfying physical relationship with an emotional connection to a supportive wife. All the best
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    @Rudolf Geyse
    Hi rudolf, Thanks for the encouragement and I wish you good luck in your journey too, as for ED I just hope it is PIED and goes away as u abstain from PMO

    Day 1 was a success :)
    I had few urges to O but no urge to watch P.
    I spent some time with my girl today and suddenly while we are talking I got a small reaction down there I dunno if it was from the friction or just seeing and talking with her, but it settled down in less than a minute.

    Also woke up with a morning wood it was like 50%. ( As I said I stopped watching P since 2 weeks ago but now I started a complete PMO ) but my erections were always weak when I M while laying down on my back no idea why.

    Anyways thats it for today, it was a small victory but a victory nonetheless :D

    Hope the rest of the week goes as well as today.
  4. iLoveChess

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    Day 2 without PMO :D

    Today had no urges to PMO at all thankfully, although I got semi erected cuz of friction.

    Anyways I will keep the daily updates until I complete 1 week then I will update weekly until I complete 1 month and then I will update you guys month by month hopefully if I don't relapse :p.

    Thanks for reading and good luck to you all!
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    Day 3 without PMO :)
    Nothing much happened, no urges.
  6. iLoveChess

    iLoveChess New Member

    Just woke up having a wet dream, didn't have a wet dream for a long time.
  7. iLoveChess

    iLoveChess New Member

    Day 4 :D, 0 Urges.

    I have noticed that my D is 90% of the time is shrinked. Only gets bigger when it is touching my pants and there is a lot of movement. It feels so small but yet so sensitive.

    I guess this is normal ?
  8. iLoveChess

    iLoveChess New Member

    Day 5.

    Feeling same as day 4 no changes.
  9. iLoveChess

    iLoveChess New Member

    Day 6

    Almost 1 week :)
  10. iLoveChess

    iLoveChess New Member

    1 week :D abstaining from PMO
  11. iLoveChess

    iLoveChess New Member

    2 weeks yay~

    Honestly some days were kinda hard, I get semi erected from normal friction.

    I got some morning erections from time to time.

    Still I don't get spontaneous erections during the day.
    Or when seeing/ sweet talking with my girl.

    Some days my P would shrink so small I feel slightly uncomfortable and pain.
    Hope this is normal at first ?

    Nothing else to report :)
    Hope I can keep thus up for the rest of the month ^_^

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