Overactive PC Muscles. Fixing pelvic floor imbalance.

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  1. grayfoxxx

    grayfoxxx My English is worse than my ED.

    Like this, right? https://youtu.be/p3g4wAsu0R4?t=30s
  2. Hey there,

    Your suggestions are interesting. However, could I ask you to please:

    1 Give us a condensed and consice description of exactly what your exercises are? I know you've posted it before but the posts and this thread are quite long with a lot of information. Making it shorter and simpler would make it easier to understand.

    2 You recommend deep squats. Would you explain how deep, please? Are they all the way down to the ground so that you're buttocks are almost touching the floor or are your legs only supposed to be in a 90 degree angle (as if sitting on a chair).

    3 Which of the above positions are you talking about when doing the static squatting position for several minutes?

    Thankful for your reply.
  3. exia

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    Hey guys. How come this thread died ? It has some good ideas. I was wondering if any of you that had the problem with overactive pc solved it in the end ? And was it the reason behind the ed or not entirely ? Still can't figure out if squezing out the last drops while peing or crapping is normal or not. Different sources have different opinions on this matter...
  4. NovoElevation

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    This thread is still going: http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/index.php?topic=26545.0

    I say, that squezing the last drops are perfectly normal. It's like squezing the tooth paste to have everything out. Pretty normal. Don't worry about it. However, you should take care of your pelvic floor muscles if you feel they are tense and they probably are, like most guys here. Do some massaging.
  5. ACG22

    ACG22 New Member

    I know! It sucks when you stumble upon an awesome thread and then see that the dates were from 2 years ago. Might as well be 150 years ago if no one is going to report back with the "good news".

    My story is so similar that I won't even get into it. 67 days pmo free after many attempts. For the last year, I've had the urinary difficulty. It takes me a while to start the stream, have to kegel at the end (same with #2). I now realize that I too always have a tenseness about my pelvic floor. It seems that tense is now it's default state, taking a conscious act to make it relax.

    My current protocol is just to stay away from any and all stimulation, continue the nofap, do stretches, floor sitting, conscious relaxing/ RKing, eating low sugar paleo diet, avoiding alcohol/caffeine/nicotine/meds etc. I'm basically living as clean as a modern day human can. Something has got to give. Desperation level 10. Sentences. Getting. Shorter..

    But seriously, if any sees this let me know how you're doing. Hell we could be pen pals. It'd be nice just to interact with someone going through the same BS.
  6. NovoElevation

    NovoElevation Member

    See the link i posted above.

    Are you doing massaging and stretching the muscles by pulling the sack up?
  7. Jayway

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    I think what is going on from my reading is that. Our pc muscles are tense and overactive which would make you think they are too strong. When in reality they are just so tense that they are also weak from constant contraction. I'd how to find a balance and every time I try to balance with regular kegels it goes back to that uncomfortable tightness.

    What I have decided best for me is relax it as much as possible. Rkegals and exercises to build glutes. Legs. And deep squats for the pelvic floor. Also stretches to get healthy oxygen and blood flow.

    Another important factor in all of this is the nervous system. Most people are always activating their sympathetic nervous system their fight or flight stress tensing system. When we need to be in a constant state of parasympathetic system to live a healthy and long life. The sympathetic will be activated during exercise. But if you do too much exercise you will fatigue your body through that nervous system. Drained adrenals and stuff.

    So on top of stretching relaxation.. this should be a perfect way for many of you too become very conscious and peaceful individuals. Reverse kegels to me are really just deep diaphramic breaths. Expanding the pelvic floor. And conscious deep breathing is the best way to relax and restore balance to the body.

    This ed has turned into a life changing experience for me. And I'm still thinking I may need a physiotherapist to help me locate and release the tension. But these things I'm and were learning seem to be the secrets of a peaceful long life
  8. GotohellED

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    Just registered to say wow, i never realised how active my pc muscle was... After struggling with ED for the past 3 years i am wondering now if this might be the solution to my problem... I have noticed that every move i make i tense my Pc muscle.. Everything from getting off the couch to turning over in bed... I hope to god that these reverse kegels and relaxation exercises work.. Thanks to everyone here for the great information.
  9. IWillWin03

    IWillWin03 New Member

    Anybody see anymore success with this?
  10. NovoElevation

    NovoElevation Member

    See my posts/page, on how to relax your muscles. From your talk, you definitely have tension issues. Work hard to relax them, then you can start a normal kegel routine.
  11. Pollard

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    Yes. It helps a lot.
  12. IWillWin03

    IWillWin03 New Member

    Are you pretty much cured?
  13. I'm new and this is going to be long! Brace thee!

    Porn addict, been masturbating since 14. Been tensing my lower body to cum since I can remember this involves my legs penis area ass and flexing my feet downwards like a ballerina stance. Over my Porn consumption days I was pretty normal I experimented a lot but with time I gradually went down the rabbit hole and got into extremes and things I really didn't agree with or which I thought weren't right. Bestiality bondage trannies etc. Over time my flexing got harder and harder and I find it very hard to masturbate to normal straight pornography without tensing a lot and not enjoying the process. Generally however with all Porn nearly 99% of the time I do not enjoy the journey just orgasm. When I was a teenager I used to be a public masturbator usually masturbated in bathroom's once in a classroom with the whole class to my big tit teacher which leads me to another point I loved tits well I still fucking love big titties and yet I am not aroused by them or when masturbate I don't feel any sensation to them like I did I'm 23 now and I don't know when it happened but I reckon it's porn over consumption and tensing my body making it a habit which isn't working anymore because it actually destroys my erection pretty fast so If I don't time It I lose my erection and don't cum this happens with my girlfriend and with myself. Also I don't know how to relax and I'm always tense walking stick. I have been reading mixed messages on the Internet and would like one informed person to just tell me what to do. In basic English what to do.
  14. Well I have been doing reverse kegels, massaging, no porn, no masturbating, and relaxing all body and breathing and man did I let my self go with a masturbation to a fantasy of my girls tits. The response was so strong and
    I felt everything up to my orgasm which isn't normal the orgasm was so strong you just got jack your dick and let it go when it wants to don't tense.
  15. IWillWin03

    IWillWin03 New Member

    So You've seen improvements?
  16. Yes this works ! I couldn't believe it ! this was the missing link. I feel it my Dick feel everything I have my sensitivity back my ejaculations are great no frustration! This is it you just have to persevere! Don't give up I thought I was gay ! that's how bad it got ... because i couldn't find a solution
  17. IWillWin03

    IWillWin03 New Member

    How long before you say improvements? What have you been doing?
  18. Honestly a week. But remember individual differences psychological state and effort play a role as well as how impaired you got after a life of porn which led to destroying your pelvic muscles etc. habits are hard to overcome. Keep going Bro! O thought I was lost and thought I couldn't enjoy a good woman haha I was shocked how wrong I way really! completely shocked to the core.

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