Overactive PC Muscles. Fixing pelvic floor imbalance.

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  1. confusedguy

    confusedguy New Member

    Just had first appointment with PT.

    Not pleasant, she shoved her finger up my ass to feel my muscles. But she confirmed it, I have extremely tight pelvic muscles.
  2. sesshomaruinuyasha

    sesshomaruinuyasha Destroy the drug and get your life back !

    I have read an article on pe gym where they teach people how to kegel and they describe it as guess what : " that twitching movement that modt men do to take out the last bits of urine ".
    So in fact , is it ok to kegel to finish peeing ? Have we all here on this thread been wrong thinking that we need to fix smth nonexistent ? this shit is so complicated.... fuck it all....
  3. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member

    Of course it's ok.

    Kegeling to squeeze the last few drops of urine has nothing to do with sexual performance.

    I don't know of any other way to do it.
  4. alldonewiththat

    alldonewiththat New Member

    Yeah, I might have been wrong on this point. I just asked my brother, he said he does. He has a healthy pelvic floor and healthy sex life.
  5. sesshomaruinuyasha

    sesshomaruinuyasha Destroy the drug and get your life back !

    Oh fuck it now , after 30 goddamn pages and weeks of pushing on my pc to not kegel when i piss , ONLY NOW DO YOU SAY SO ? LOL you could have chimed in earlier underdog.
  6. sesshomaruinuyasha

    sesshomaruinuyasha Destroy the drug and get your life back !

    And i almost got it , without pushing anything , no kegel , urinating until the end. But i still feel the need to do that motion even if nothing comes out of it.
  7. hogus

    hogus New Member

    I have found that needing to do that correlates with kegel spasms. When I needed to twitch it, I had PE during MO.
  8. dimitris

    dimitris New Member

    well,guys,first of all pardon me for my englis but i'm from greece.i have also some concerns about my pelvic floor.does the overmasturbation which is part of our addiction weakens and "tires" our pelvic floor? i'm only 17 and i'm scared to death.the symptoms which i will describe came with the porn addiction and overmasturbation,never had an injury in my penis.when i get an erection my glans fills always ,but when i'm squezing the glans it deflates almost rapidly.also in my random ,night and morning erections the shaft is hard but the glans and corpus songiosum is little inflated.could that be caused by an tired and weakend bulbocavernous muscle which cannot hold the bllod properly anymore?also when i'm standing i have the known"hard flaccid".i'm scared guys
  9. sesshomaruinuyasha

    sesshomaruinuyasha Destroy the drug and get your life back !

    Well hogus , after reverse kegeling and not needing to twitch it while urinating , did your pe while masturbating stop ? Has your stamina clearly improved or you're reverse kegeling at the point of no return to turn down your arousal ?
  10. Goodlooking

    Goodlooking Member

    Hard flaccid is solved by reversed kegels and massaging most of the times. Check out PEGym.com

    My glans and corpus spongiousm doesn't get inflated 90 % of the times. Head only gets full when i'm sitting and have worked hard all day.
  11. dimitris

    dimitris New Member

    thank you goodlooking for your quick reply but ,did you ever have the glans problem i have?i mean when glans is inflated ,when squeeze it ,it deflates. i think this is caused by weaken or tired pc muscles which cannot hold the blood from escaping.have you ever lived this?
  12. hogus

    hogus New Member

    Honestly it's become a bit harder to keep it up when I relapse but yes. I did nothing but rks for a while. There are so many factors surrounding erection quality during the reboot that I think it's best to just kegel and rk 50/50 and then shift the ratio once you're having successful sex if you find it's hard to control it. Maybe do more rks if you need to twitch to squeeze pee out but it might not be causally linked to anything. Just some arbitrary limit where I get PE problems.
  13. sesshomaruinuyasha

    sesshomaruinuyasha Destroy the drug and get your life back !

    Did the thread die ? So i guess it actually was a stupid theory , which wouldn't fix anything besides or instead of abstinence
  14. condenser

    condenser New Member

    I'd always read that doing kegels (exercising the muscle we use when we stop urinating mid-stream) helped prevent premature ejaculation. Now I'm confused.
  15. hogus

    hogus New Member

    It can help prevent PE in that you learn to control it - ie you learn what a contraction feels like and you can prevent it.

    I don't think the thread died because it was a stupid theory but because the reboot is long term. A lot of us can't get erections to begin with so it'll be a long time before we can judge what effect k/rks are having on us personally! Course it's not a substitute for abstinence.
  16. natureboy1209

    natureboy1209 New Member

    I've found almost everything on this thread I can relate to, the thread died because ppl were healing and they didnt was to spend any more time bringing up bad memories etc.. )thats what I think) when i'm fully healed your not going to see me on this site.. The methods definitely work.. I can say with my experience this is (mostly) all very true and a great thread
  17. Stevew

    Stevew New Member

    Read this whole thread. From waht io have gathered... reverse kegels should be done but not when on the toilet because you can get urtheritis...thank you to the person who mentioned that because i would have carried on tensing very hard when peeing which would have ended up badly. Thing is i'm confused... my pelvic region may be weak and tight...
    If i do reverse kegels, pulling the penis and bals up ( really feel a stretch by the way) and say the odd pelvic region stretch will this fix my issue or do i also need to strengthen the area? Because someone said that if you do too much RK you will loosen up alot and end up going tight.

    I literally have all the smpytoms. Don't know about you fuys but after orgasming my penis twiches (kegels automatically for like 5 seconds+ after) also just sitting down i will find my pelvic area doing kegels. Can someone give me like a routine to do... i don't want to over loosen it or something.

    Thanks a lot for this thread!
  18. natureboy1209

    natureboy1209 New Member

    Ive been there man. This thread will help you. http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/index.php?topic=26545.0
  19. NovoElevation

    NovoElevation Member

    Re: Have I been doing it wrong all this time? / Overactive PC Muscles?

    Guys, there was a time that during sex with a regular girl, i leaked semem. No orgasm, maybe a little edging, but that was it, nothing more. Is this a symptom that something is wrong in the pelvic muscles?

    EDIT: OK, answer here: http://www.herballove.com/guide/seminal-leakage-caused-over-masturbation

    This makes a lot of sense to me, specially because i have leaked semem during sex and unfortunately, my semem only dribbles too... I used to have great cumshots! Oh, and herbal viagras you buy on the sex shop, which give me a great erection, also helps with PE! I read on some page that stronger erection will help with semem leakage and PE.

    So, all of this makes sense. I will give a nice try about relaxing my tense muscles.
  20. Forgotten

    Forgotten Member

    Hey guys, I just wanted to say that my PC muscle issue (I used to get a lot of PC muscle spasms almost any time I had a slight erection from sexual arousal, especially, but not only, during a porn relapse) seems to be fixed now. I did nothing specific to fix it; I just consistently stayed away from porn for more than a year, and greatly reduced the frequency of masturbation.
    I'm not saying that anybody who have this problem will be fine by simply quitting porn, but in my case it worked, although it took a loooot of time. It's a few months that I do not get any abnormal PC muscle spasm, so if you have this issue don't despair ;)
  21. Stevew

    Stevew New Member

    Guys my peeing has improved drastically... my only issue is sometimes there is a bit of a delay at the start. Anyways I did some hip opners but i've been quite lazy... all i've done consistently is grabbing the balls and holding the penis and pulling upwards.. for me this gave a lot of relief. I'm not sure whether it helps with the back pelvic par though. When i go to crap i do have to squeeze my abs and i think i may tense my pelvic area it's hard to tell... thing is so maybe i should start doing some kegels but i didn't do RKs and i'm not sure if i ever did them properly... so i if i do 50/50 kegels and RKs i may not be doing reverse kegels correctly... therefore i may start over doing kegels and go back to being tense...
  22. roytarpley

    roytarpley New Member

    Great thread, im glad for the guys who improved, looking forward to be the next

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