Overactive PC Muscles. Fixing pelvic floor imbalance.

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  1. BilboBagins

    BilboBagins Through adversity, there is redemption

    Don't forget if you have the bad masturbation habits like me our PC's are probably tight AND weak. Over stretching/RKing will lead to tiredness like you said and then back to the tightness. I usually get wood everynight and last nights were pretty bad, I think it had something to do with the explosive glute session I had that day and now I'm paying, I'm trying to keep everything untensed but it's a lot harder to do than 2 days ago. I think I will as a routine, do my RK in the morning for 10 min (every other day) to loosen up the nights tension and then just go about my day avoiding tensing and keeping everything loose.
  2. Bazooka Joe

    Bazooka Joe New Member

    So I massaged the area too, to see if it helps.

    And afterwards I was really tired. Is this normal?

    Am I too early in my reboot to do such things?
  3. Bazooka Joe

    Bazooka Joe New Member

    I don't understand one thing:
    How can your pelvic floor be too weak?

    This must be a new symptom in these modern times, but why didn't dudes in the past have a weak pelvic floor?

    And would a normal sporting activity like jogging or biking correct this?

    But: Not doing sports is a problem in modern societies since the 70-80s - so why didn't people get a weak pelvic floor back then also?
  4. machok

    machok New Member

    Good question Bazooka!

    Weak pelvic floor is only a problem to some of us porn addicts. But I think those of us who already had a weak pelvic floor, got even more unbalanced by all the edging from porn viewing. I'm only speaking for my self, so this may not be accurate for anybody else. But I used to search for the perfect clip to blow my load, and this would take from 20 minutes until even 2 hours in one session. I rarely masturbated more than 2-3 times a day, but each time I masturbated with porn, I stopped my self from coming many many times, and kegeled hard to prevent me from coming and prolong the intense porn session. I think this is the biggest reason for our weak pelvic floor, combined with an already weak floor because of genes or whatever reason . I don't think the guys masturbating to Playboy magazines in the 80's edged for so long. Of course maybe a few horny bastards, but porn nowadays are so much more stimulating that you can go on even though your dick is too tired, and wouldn't get horny by the same old magazine or lame video.

    I have done reverse kegels for two weeks now and i will do another report:

    Thanks to Marco for the PC muscle stretching exercise tip, were you encirce shaft and balls with index and thumb, I think it's really beneficial to my new routine. I have also done some reverse kegels and full body excercises to stretch my area good.

    I rebooted for so long that I wanted a new twist 3 weeks ago, so I have started to masturbate two times a week. I know many of you feel that you should never masturbate again, but I think that when you have finally beaten porn you need to relearn your brain to normal sexual feelings. I'm doing that now, and I'm seeing improvements each time i masturbate. The last times I have had sex, my penis has responded great, the only negative is that I still thinks it's kind of lame to masturbate without anything to view. But I can slowly see my erections responding great to only touch masturbation now. And I thank all the PC stretching exercises for that.
  5. Geezer

    Geezer New Member

    Re: Have I been doing it wrong all this time? / Overactive PC Muscles?

    Reporting back - best erection in 4 years!

    I have been doing a sporadic routine of alternating regular and reverse Kegels with a very concious relax between. At the very least, it's made me very aware of how much I clench without thinking and what relaxing feels like. Last night I did some ballooning for 30 minutes, with a decent 90% EQ while flat on my back (this has been a problematic position for some time). No porn, no fantasy - just focused on sensation, which was pretty strong. Stopped well short of O.

    I should add that I have in addition to some other supplements I've been taking for some time that mostly affect libido not erections, I have added American Ginseng 2 grams per day (5%). Maybe that has helped too, but I really believe that the pelvic floor exercises with relax was the key.
  6. marco

    marco Guest

    Since I started doing all this excersises my erectiopn is now always 95% hard in all positions and head is much fuller than before.

    Unfortunatly I relapse to porn every time I check my erection and I really need to stop doing that. I am now sure that these excersises really work and it's not a placebo so there is no more reason to check every now and then, it's time to quit porn for good and hope that some day I'll get that kind of erection without porn.
  7. Geezer

    Geezer New Member

    Re: Have I been doing it wrong all this time? / Overactive PC Muscles?

    So, Marco, does "all these exercises" mean ballooning included? I'm guessing not, since that would by itself serve as a test. I think if you're really recovered, you could successfully do ballooning without porn or fantasy per PEGym at:


    Let me finish by saying that for ballooning or edging to be helpful for EQ rather than an excuse for a relapse you must be really be past a reboot. If you're not getting an erection without porn, you're probably not ready for this.
  8. alldonewiththat

    alldonewiththat New Member

    I have some results to report On two occasions, I've had sex (without orgasm, on purpose), with 100% erections and NO PE. I've never had that before. Ever, in my life.

    I am not cured. I had to use my own hand a bit to get myself started with the erection the first time (she brought me to 100%), and the second time I brought myself to 100%. I am waiting to orgasm until I spontaneously get these 100% erections.

    One positive effect was that I realized I could go from 80% to 100% inside her.

    But the level of control was much better. I could feel myself getting close, and bring myself back. I used slow breathing and reverse kegeling to move back from orgasm. Also changed strokes to slower if necessary.

    Whenever I was close, I usually felt some involuntary kegeling. It's definitely a contribution to the PE I had.

    So, 60 days without orgasm, and I lasted longer than I ever have in my life. I'd say 5-10 minutes.

    My Routine So Far

    I've had a pretty lazy routine actually. This inspires me to do it more seriously. Here's what I've done so far:

    * One massage therapist session around the pelvic floor and region. (not sure how much this helped, it's hard to gauge)
    * Self massage on the perineum. Feels good.
    * Stretching, where I grab around the penis and balls and pull up. This feels REALLY good, and I can feel the right side is tighter.
    * Reverse kegels, when I think about it.
    * Inserting a finger in my anus, and massaging the pelvic floor from above. (I use coconut oil as lube and do it in the shower.). Only done this 2-3 times, you have to go slow as the anus can be tense.
    * Kegeling less when using the washroom

    I think the last one may be most important. Ever since I had a tight pelvic floor 3 years ago, I started kegeling to get out the last bits of urine. I also realized I kegel when I wipe my ass.

    This means I kegel a LOT during the course of the day, just using the washroom.

    Now, I consciously relax when wiping myself. When I pee, I press on my perineum to get the rest out, avoiding having to kegel.

    This is working.
  9. EFDE

    EFDE New Member

    hi guys !
    i also have to report some results!

    since i do reverse kegels ( 2 - 3 weeks now ) i had 5 wet dreams! last week i had 3 in a row.
    my erections are also stronger and it feels like my libido rises.
    one week ago i had such a strong erection that i ejaculated without touching my dick.
    i just got a boner and it felt so good. i went to the bathroom and it got harder and harder until i orgasmed!

    so i think this imbalance is an important point of recovering !
  10. BilboBagins

    BilboBagins Through adversity, there is redemption

    Hey guys,

    I had a problem whereby I would get random erections, as in, I could be sitting with friends and all my pelvic area would start to relax and it would feel so good I would get erect but only let's say 40%. This would happen everyday I could masturbate, then lie down, relax, and go straight away again, I thought this cannot be right something is wrong.

    Unfortunately I was so worried about this I spent the whole night tensing / avoiding getting erect and now I have so life down there and what seems to be hard flaccid when standing.

    Very annoying, I wish I knew what was NORMAL so I had a benchmark to work from :(
  11. alldonewiththat

    alldonewiththat New Member

    Nothing unnatural about random erections, especially if you're younger and abstaining from O. I wouldn't worry about them even if they seem to be happening a lot.
  12. Stopper

    Stopper IT'S OVER!!!

    Good topic! Informative, thanks guys.
  13. Gitch

    Gitch New Member

    Re: Have I been doing it wrong all this time? / Overactive PC Muscles?

    I only just found this thread, and I believe it's relevant to my situation.

    I'm on a reboot, and on day 44 of no PMO or MO, I became concerned at something an Internet buddy had said. He broke his run of AB at 53 days, and said the O was painful. I started to get really concerned that mine might do the same, as I had experienced pain after ejaculation one time a few months back when I had been edging whilst ABing for about 15 days (I know... stupid idea.. but don't go there). I eventually decided to break my run of AB from MO at 44 days, and after a couple of spurts it indeed did sting. Afterward, there was a dull ache around that area, which was tender even the next day A test the following day also hurt, but not to the same extent. The third attempt, the pain was almost entirely gone and had faded to a mild discomfort.

    I've had very occasional pain when ejaculating before, but never really thought anything of it. It's never been anywhere near as strong as this was. I do find it interesting that I had pain after so long with no release, and believe it's related to some kind of pelvic floor muscle imbalance. When I had the 'dull ache' I also had tension in the bottom of my abdominals, and that area tenses up when I kegel. Kegels greatly eased the discomfort. Reverse kegels (had I thought of doing them) possibly would have been even more beneficial.

    Here's my theory of what happened:

    After 44 days of AB, there was a large amount of semen to push out. It was also quite thick. So, when trying to expel it all, my (tight/weak) PC muscle lacked the (elasticity/strength) to provide the involuntary reflex, so was pulled in a way it wasn't ready for. This may have injured it slightly, hence why I had pain the second time.

    Why this happened after so long of no release isn't something I can explain. If anything, you'd expect it more often when having regular orgasms, not after leaving it for so long. But perhaps regular release was holding it in some kind of equilibrium, albeit unhealthy, preventing pain.

    I'm now going to work on reverse kegels and massage. I really enjoy ABing and love the benefits I get when doing so. Porn really doesn't feel like an issue for me anymore, and there's no ED to speak of. However, I do want to be able to orgasm without pain and/or discomfort.

    Right now, I'm giving my muscles a chance to heal, and ensuring I drink plenty of fluids to help reduce the thickness of my semen. I would like to do some tests in a couple of days to see if the discomfort is still there. If not, I don't think there is any need to see a doctor. But, I would like to be able to explain the pain I felt, and why it was so pronounced after so long with no MB.
  14. BilboBagins

    BilboBagins Through adversity, there is redemption

    I too M'd afew times and it was a tiny ache in the urethra area/general penis after abstaining for a long time.

    I normally worry about everything but for some reason I'm not concerned at all, the pleasure is INSANE compared with my PMO daily days. My penis feels great and the tiny ache seems normal to a penis that is 100% full of blood so rarely (I only M every 15-30 days). It's like your stretching all the tubes out or whatever and using the muscles you wouldnt normally sure they might be a bit lax but the body is amazing at fixing itself I really wouldn't think too much into it.
  15. sesshomaruinuyasha

    sesshomaruinuyasha Destroy the drug and get your life back !

    Ok so i realised that my normal "take a piss and then kegel to take the last drops out" isn't normal after reading this thread. I even called a friend who knows about all this porn addiction , explained to him what i wanted to know , and from what he seemed to understand , he told me that he just pisses and that's it , no taking last drops out. ( he said that when he abstains to piss for too long he does such a thing)
  16. sesshomaruinuyasha

    sesshomaruinuyasha Destroy the drug and get your life back !

    So right now , i understand that it is not normal.
    Also i have been very aware all the day and realized that when i get an erection (morning wood or spontaneous or arousal ) i always kegel a lot involuntarily. I thought that these spasms are ok , now i realized they are involuntary contractions.
  17. sesshomaruinuyasha

    sesshomaruinuyasha Destroy the drug and get your life back !

    So i started to do some reverse kegels through the day , especially when i get the involuntary ones , press and massage the pc muscle just like any tight one , and try to breathe deeply and relax.
    Also , I tried to not kegel after pissing and press on my pc muscle to get the last drops out. Might start to work in the future. Now i think i have a cause for my premature ejaculation. i knew that it was through porn use that i aquired but thought of it as a brain only process like ed
  18. sesshomaruinuyasha

    sesshomaruinuyasha Destroy the drug and get your life back !

    Ok now realising that im doing the same kegel thing when taking a shit too , to get the last parts out.
    Now im starting to believe that this really is the muscle's role , to help in these activities. I think that you guys have went overboard with this whole thing.
    Maybe it shouldn't contract incoluntarily when im having wood but now seeing that it has the same role in defecating as in urinating , tó take the last pieces out , i start to think that this really is its role , and there is nothing
  19. sesshomaruinuyasha

    sesshomaruinuyasha Destroy the drug and get your life back !

    wrong with it
  20. Gitch

    Gitch New Member

    I have always had to kegel to squeeze the last drops out after urination. I remember doing it as a boy, long before I had even masturbated, let alone discovered porn and started abusing it. Often when we discover new things like this, we do tend to take behaviours that we've always had and start to blame our problems (in this case, porn) for them, when in fact they might just be personal variation.

    I will say, however, that in reading up on pelvic floor dysfunction over the last few days, I have read a LOT about PE, ED, and ejaculation pain as being related to it in a lot of cases.

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