"Over-mastrubation, Zinc and Copper."

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Complex, Dec 20, 2015.

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    This guy reckons you can get a deficiency from masturbating. You lose 0,3585 to 0,7055 mg zinc each load." Its possible along with bad diet and lack of exercise. Me personally, i think i could be low. I masturbating myself to exhaustion and used to get serious pains in my penis. A burning pain that hurt so bad... but thats irrelevant lol.

    Ive always had white spots on finger nails and thought it was from lack calcium. Drinking pints of milk a day did nothing. It could well be a zinc deficiency, as lack of zinc can cause white spots on nails. Im healthy but i definitely dont meet my food needs and is why i supplement things.

    He also says that a zinc deficiency can cause copper toxicity. So if you start supplementing, get one with a zinc/copper combination.
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    Certainly an interesting take. Like others here, I have ED and want to identify potential reasons just in case PIED is not the only factor.

    I had a blood test done a few weeks back (around 11:30 AM) through my urologist and my T level was at 230 ng/dl. I've been taking fish oil(also working on that ldl cholesterol), multi-vitamins, and ZMA consistently for a week now and have an appointment with my endocrinologist next Wed (around 4 pm) to get my blood tested. I'm curious to see if 2 weeks of this supplementation will have any noticeable increase on my T levels. Additionally, I have been ramping up my weight training with more squats, deadlifts, etc hoping that will do something. I also have cut out beer because hops lower testosterone and will stick with liquor (have a bachelor party this weekend and will drink)

    Hopefully, I have something positive to report back. I noted the times of the blood test since testosterone is much higher in the morning than afternoon so a marginal increase in T levels next week could be incredibly positive. If this supplementation doesn't work, I will more than likely start using Clomid for low T as my urologist suggested last week.
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    clomid works, as do drugs in general..but what is your underlying issue?
    lowering LDL is great. but you understand the best gauge for CAD is LPA?

    years of expeience and dealing with others i Know supplements to raise T to any signifcant level don't exist
    lose fat
    eat more nurtion
    stop eating sugar
    lift weights
    are your answers
    if you are old, you might just need HRT
    but also look at the e2 number,
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    Not entirely sure of the root cause.

    16% body fat so definitely not obese. I lift weights, swim, play basketball, and hike a ton so I'm fairly active. Sugar could definitely be an issue as could alcohol. Not sure if malnutrition is an issue either, but I got a 3rd opinion last week and am hoping for more answers on what is going on. I'm 27 so definitely not going with HRT. What is e2?

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