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    Hey @HenryIT . The key, and I believe this is Biblical, is realising that Jesus has done it all on our behalf. He contributed 100% to my salvation. I can't "help" Him to save me. I stop trying to "get into God's good books" through my own effort, 'cause I'll never be able to perform at that perfect level. Jesus has done it all for me. I trust in His work to save me, not my works. This stuff is all over Romans 3, Eph. 2, etc etc. this is the message of the gospel, Jesus died to save me from sin.

    This is incredibly liberating for me. I am so thankful every day that if I believe in Jesus as God's provision for my salvation, he will not hold the many, many times I've messed up, against me. When I am talking to someone else I know I have God's acceptance so I can have the right balance of humility (I am no better than anyone else) and confidence (I can boldly approach God because of Jesus' sacrifice, Heb. 10). The gospel says we are all on the same page, all sinners, all in need of forgiveness, and if we have believed in Christ, there is nothing to hide, guilt and shame have been covered, this is the basis for easier helpful relationships with others.

    The question often comes up, is God then ok with me going on sinning? Since Jesus dealt with all my sin at the cross, past, present, future? Can I accept ongoing sin in my life? Answer: absolutely no. Check 1 John 2:4, 15; 1 John 3:6, 9, Romans 6, 7, 8... We delude ourselves if we accept ongoing unhelpful patterns within ourselves. If we continue sinning in a settled sense, ok with sin in ourselves, I would question whether we are saved at all. Hence why we are all on this forum - we are not ok with ongoing unhelpful patterns. This is evidence for us as believers that we are saved - that we do not accept ongoing unhelpful patterns and are trying to uproot those patterns out of us. But there must be some evidence of taking ground over time.

    When we realise we still have ongoing sin, the right response is to continually repent, cry out for God to help us to overcome our sin, keep on working hard to make adjustments we know we need to make, remembering the power of sin is broken by Christ and our strength to overcome comes from God. The wrong response is to give up on trying to change, or to accept that we will always go on sinning - that response would effectively prove we are not saved. Rather cry out to God - He is willing and able to save and transform you.

    So we also do give real effort, and I would say it takes 100% of our effort since I am not willing to just give half measures to dealing with this addiction in me. But my 100% is motivated and empowered by His greater 100% for me on the cross. As we do this, we can be in the place of 1 John 3:19, 20.

    I hope some of this is making sense and is helpful. Anyways, that's what I believe is the message of the Bible. All the best with your journey and trying to figure it out.
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    Awesome, man! Yes, stay connected and write, write, write.

    I think spirituality is important, too. Part of my spirituality is taking long walks. Another part is moving slowly when I'm doing yard work, so it becomes a sort of meditation. When I'm feeling plastered to the couch I get up and move. That movement can as simple as sweeping the kitchen floor or jumping on my trampoline. Think less, do more. We all become drunk with too much thought.

    Cheers, my friend!
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    I’m home because I’m ill.
    No risk and no energy for pmo. But bored…
    There’s work to do, but no energy for that either.
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    58, married. had rocky years but things have been better and better in last few years we've evolved
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