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    In order to develop new habits, you'll have to be mindful in the beginning. Sometimes it's about not dwelling on the mistakes and just pressing forward.
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    Not sure if it's just me but anyone that deals with people for a living. Are there days when you just don't wanna deal with people's crap? When you could just work on something just on your own and not have to deal with customers and all there nonsense...
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    Inside each of us engaged in a battle there are two wolves the one that is strong noble and the other a rabid porn seeking monster that will slowly eat away at our very core....

    I'm sure we've all heard that ultimately the one who wins is the one we feed. Most of us have been feeding the bad wolf for so long that finding the right food for the good one seems almost impossible.

    Ultimately for the mind to truly recover it will need to refrain from PMO. In order to quell or weaken the urges you'll need to develop new and healthy habits.

    - Don't let social media be the first thing you look at in the morning.
    - be mindful of what you watch and look at. Alot of entertainment we see has small triggers inserted subtly in its content
    - even if habits you try to develop seem boring at first it's only because your reward system has screwed up so much that it thinks the only fun activity that exists is porn. I promise you when you pick up that instrument or those weights it will eventually be fun. You just gotta feel like crap for a while.
    - never underestimate the value of sleep.

    That's all I can think of for now...
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    I've in a binge lately. Not viewing porn or anything but engaging in online sex chatting and voyeurism. I've even thought of hooking up with complete strangers on dating site and have come really close but pulling out halfway through the process.

    Which leads me to believe that at its core, pornography is a sex addiction. People know it's classified as such but most people don't understand that what that actually means.

    Dr Patrick Carnes once stated that "The best and healthiest sex is in the context of a relationship" or something like that. Which is probably why random hookups or paying a prostitute probably isn't the best way to go. At best the individual stops looking at porn and starts randomly hooking up with different women.

    It may sound like he's finally beaten it and he may even look like a hero to his peers until he gets married and finds himself dissatisfied with his partner and finds himself going back to porn or having and affair. The danger is that there would have been an unresolved issue, a sex addiction that has gone unnoticed.

    I think it's time we realized and consider that porn addiction isn't just a type of sex but rather porn addiction is a branch of an even deeper root. We need to deal with this issue as a whole and not just 'stop watching porn'.

    I'm no psychologist just a bunch of random thoughts that popped into my head. Plus I haven't been logging in a while.
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    About 9 hours since last relapse. Not sure if it's escalation or what not but I've stopped looking at porn and gone up to sexting with other people. I'm afraid of what it can escalate to next. Random hookups with strangers? Paying prostitutes?

    I've decided to journal here at least every Monday just as an accountability thing as well as my own personal journal.

    Beginning with this one.

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