Our masturbation habit.

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How much time would you estimate you spend/spent watching porn each day?

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    While perusing these forums I've noticed that everyone's masturbation habit is unique, and sometimes it's difficult to know how much time is really spent doing it.

    • Some people claim to masturbate uncontrollably at a high frequency. I assume when someone says that he does it x times a day that he has x orgasms. So there are people having 10+ orgasms a day?
      Others have a lower frequency, but do they spend much less time doing it?
    • Some people developed their habit away from porn, or, if online, in different ways: some surf incessantly, impulsively opening and closing windows with video streams; some people no doubt watch one video through to the end, and that may suffice; some will watch a handful; some will do it for the orgasm and get over it; others, out of boredom, will keep going and going.
    The result is that we all waste our time differently and unequally. I'd like to see more clearly how this addiction manifested itself in the average Joe.

    To start with I'll describe my habit, though I never quantified it. I have fluctuated from periods of high frequency (2/day) to low frequency (2/week), though there were of course one or two occasions where I stopped for up to a month (infatuation). I think my highest frequency was perhaps 4/day. However I have often used porn as a distraction from boredom. My habit progressed quickly in the early days (around 12) and stabilised by the time I was 13. I recall this period very well because it was when I first found one particular category of porn that I had been searching for and which has continued arousing me ever since. During the Spring holidays of '04 I would spend whole afternoons just surfing through hundreds of pages and video clips edging continuously. It's not that I would have difficulty coming, but I was always searching for the ultimate high, that one video which would trump them all. Anyway, my porn habit wasn't always so extreme, but by and large it has stayed the same.

    So, what about you? How much time do you think you have wasted to this addiction?

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