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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by anewme, May 7, 2021.

  1. anewme

    anewme Member

    Anyone here trying to battle multiple addictions at once?

    I'll go first..I also have a gambling addiction. Both of these are hell. Stay home to avoid the machines and then I'm sitting here thinking about porn.

    I have recently opened my eyes to the fact that I've been feeling ok in life because I was in active addiction. When I'm not active it makes me look at life as boring and kind of pointless. I know that's not the case, but it can sure feel like it sometimes.

    Anyone else battling multiple addictions?
  2. serguei

    serguei New Member

    Same here
    Gambling addiction too
    It works by cycle, I can stop for 6 months and then I relapse because I'm bored because I forget how destructive it is for me, So I play and lose money because a gambler always loses and never get the lesson, it's just mathematic, and so I'm feeling bad, so what do I do? Porn and masturbation of course, in order to feel better...

    It's a very dangerous "cocktail" because they stimulate each other

    And often a drug addict is struggling with multiple addictions and sometimes he doesn't even notice it...It could Internet, social networks, sugar, coffee, video games, etc...

    So I would say that the first step is to look around you and notice your "secondary" addictions and get rid of them, so you can stop to stimulate the bigger one
    Even if all these addictions are just a symptom of something deeper, it's not only about throwing your computer or coffee away, you have to drill down in your mind to heal the root cause

    Easy to say... I know
  3. Ccman123

    Ccman123 Member

    I have a gaming addiction as well, and when I really get obsessed with it I stop doing all of the healthy habits I've worked to build to help me overcome my Porn addiction. It sucks because I use games to have a social life, and maintain my friendships but because of my addictive personality I need to often take long breaks from playing games.

    Life also feels incredibly dreadful when I try to quit both my addictions at once, but the dread comes in waves, so I have some moments of peace.
  4. Wolf333

    Wolf333 Member

    Hey guys, nice thread. So I was an alcoholic for many years, quit 10+ years ago. By quitting I mean not getting drunk. Since then, I can have a beer a week, maybe in two or three with no problems of needing more, just to enjoy a meal. Started here no PMO and had to have more drinks than I am used to. Last week I drank three days in a row. Two drinks, not drunk, but way over what I want. Sometimes the urge is so big I have started to think of smoking again!!! Quit over 20 years ago and had never thought of it until now.

    Sports helped me quit both alcoholism and smoking and sports got me reading about porn addiction. So I'm not an expert but I would recommend finding a physical activity you love and challenge yourself with a goal, specially if it implies a rush of serotonin like running. Think of running a distance. If you can do it, increase the distance. Or the weight or whatever you choose. If you're not the athletic type or hate sports and outdoors, think of a game. It must be a challenging game with no monetary reward. I prefer outdoors so 2020 was hard. Thanks to some friends, I tried juggling. I'm pretty bad but the challenge kept me trying and helped alleviate my outdoor need. It feels amazing to catch the ball that kept falling. It is not only the reward but if you can make your mind to keep returning to think how to catch it, it will open a new path. It's like a healthy addiction.

    Hope this helps, good luck!
  5. PhoenixSun

    PhoenixSun New Member

    I have a train hobby. That's very addicting. It gets obsessive compulsive too because the trains and scenery are so highly detailed. It also leads to a shopping addiction. I have gotten away from it a bit because I work a lot and don't have a place to build a layout. I got a divorce in 2014 and no longer have a house with space.

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