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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by light, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. light

    light New Member

    I have noticed that when I have abstained from pmo for around 30 days and relapse then orgasm don`t feel as enjoyable than when I am frequently masturbating.
    Have you also noticed this? The first 2 O`s after the relapse is just like ok, and then then orgasms after that feel much better. Why is that?

    And also are there any known disadvantages (health wise) to go for a long period (several months, years) without orgasm?
    I Was thinking of making a rule for myself that I can only get orgasm with a real female and not trough masturbation. This because I think it will motivate me to go out and flirt and seek a partner. And also rewire the brain to have sex with a real person than the computer. If you know what I mean.
    Do you think this sounds like a good idea?
    Hope you understand my english, its not my mother tongue.
  2. Ballboy11

    Ballboy11 New Member

    I noticed the same thing after my masturbation relapse after my 30 day no PMO streak. Also I was shocked to noticed it didnt seem like there was much more semen then usual. Is anybody else see that their load didnt seem much larger after 30 days? However it had changed in color to a more yellowish tint. Gross sorry.
  3. light

    light New Member

    I get more semen than usual, but its very watery like and also more yellow colored as you describe. Gross I agree. I rather prefer the white thick consistense of the semen when I am O frequently. Usually takes 2-3 O`s to get it back to normal, so no need to worry I think. And no need to relapse to check ;)
  4. My record without PMO is 18 days (before starting reboot) and when I ejaculated (to porn) I did see much more semen than usual. It was thicker, yellowish indeed and with a different appearance overally. However the O felt quite good. It lasted more than usual and it seemed like the semen was everflowing, lol I know this is very explicit and nasty.
    I can't imagine how good an O with a female would feel after having abstained for a long period of time. I'm really looking forward to it.
  5. bigproblem

    bigproblem New Member

    I had the same exact thing. The pipes are probably closed.
  6. Ballboy11

    Ballboy11 New Member

    I have felt more semen come out after like a 7 day reboot, but for some reason after 30 days it didnt seem like as much thats weird imo. It was almost like my junk was asleep,still on vacation shutting down the pipes, and didnt know how to shoot hahaha. Yeah white and creamy is the way the ladies like it, not yellow and sticky like 30 day jizz lol. Wow I wonder what the 90 day Jizz will look like, SsK88 could you fill us in bro? lol ;D
  7. light

    light New Member

    From my experience the load and amount of semen is the biggest after 1 week of abstaining. And also the Orgasm feel very good and lasting long. The consistene is also still thick, but after like 2-3 weeks or longer the changes occor as we have talked about here. Nothing to worry about probably, but I find it weird that these not so pleasant changes occurs.
  8. Ballboy11

    Ballboy11 New Member

    Exactly same here. After 7 days its like wow, awesome in every way. At 30 days I was like what? Thats it? Wheres my Peter North load I expected? haha :)
  9. offthecuff

    offthecuff Guest

    why do you care?
  10. rcfergie5

    rcfergie5 Guest

    I also noticed, whenever I ejaculate after longer than a week, my semen has a yellowish tint and it's thicker. But since I'm still rebooting I can't go back to frequently ejaculating, I'd rather get back my ability to get a 100% hard on without even touching myself.
  11. ED Harris

    ED Harris New Member

    absolutely true... O after two weeks of abstinence feels more disturbing then enjoying ... i can say that M is much more pleasurable though but definitely not worth it ... also, some say they have less semen after relapse, some say more... i have a huge leak after two weeks...
  12. Dante99

    Dante99 New Member

    In my case orgasm was much better without porn, but everyone's different...

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