Only my soul remembers the horrors of panic attacks, anxiety and depression due to PMO and O..

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by auzzie_mikey, Jul 16, 2019.

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    Hey guys,

    I don't have anxiety or depression now. Energy is much higher and motivation is much higher right now in my life.

    I sometimes think back to the panic attacks, anxiety and depression I suffered this year for 4 months. I am honestly just lucky to be alive. Honestly, I don't life for granted anymore and I've completely given up on sex for the rest of my life. I take each day as a blessing to live.

    Just having a normal mind and being strong in the present surroundings is enough for me. When I think back about my dark times, I literally freeze and can't digest how bad the symptoms were for me. No one was there to help me but people just spit on you.

    I have learned you have to be the strongest version of myself. Any O for me is forever banned. I will do anything to retain this mind. The one thing I wanted I now have.

    Anyone else have any thoughts or experiences in the past that have been as harrowing as mine? And when you think back about them do you just freeze or sometimes think man I'm lucky to be alive today?

    Because I can honestly say I am lucky to be alive today.

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