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    Addiction happens as a result of a lack of some social requirement. Also, an addict is more socially numb. Hence, if we build our social lives better, I hypothesize that our confidence to thwart the use of porn will get stronger.

    So, what I propose is have as much social itneraction amongst like minded people via phone, google hangouts, skype etc. I want people to really know me and my struggles so that maybe they can give me some advice i am overlooking.

    And, I would do the same.

    This is an opportunity to try something new. If interested write below. We can exchange contacts, than i will contact you.
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    hey hope2overcome. I am in the USA and my counter is similar to yours (I am Day 46 of no PMO). What do you think the best way to do this is? WhatsApp? Some way to notify each other when encountering an urge and a way of developing a support network.
  3. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    Whatsapp. PM me your number and Ill add you. Or if you feel uncomfortable we can set something else up such as kik. So let me know which avenue you would like to take.

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