Online Dating (App) Addiction

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by BackOnTrack, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. BackOnTrack

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    Hey guys,

    let me tell you my story.. I used to be very addicted to porn but I managed to quit it for good 3 years ago.
    When I stopped I turnt to online dating and started dating a lot of girls. I had the apps before when I was PMO'ing too but my mood was never good enough for dates. After I quit though I felt better than ever so I was fine with dates. Even found a gf quickly. After we broke up some girl was real offensive and we met quickly and had sex after like 30 min. This was a turning point for me, I realized that I don't have to go on few dates to actually have sex. It could be any time the phone vibrates. I had some more sex dates and it's even a much stronger kick than PMO if you can imagine. The thing is I'd really love to use dating apps as a way to date just normal girls but I can't anymore because when I have it installed I can't sleep. It makes me so excited and anxious. In real life I'm really shy when it comes to chatting up girls I don't know and I really gotta work on that. The one thing that really depresses me is that some girl gave me her number, when I was out and I had that same excited/anxious feeling and couldn't fall asleep. I really don't know how to fix it.. Anyone can relate?
  2. jack91

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    did you MO during this 3years off from porn
  3. BackOnTrack

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    Yup after 90 days I started again (MO). My DE was completely gone and had lost all stamina during sex, the other extreme. So I started fapping occasionally even without fantasy at first. When I do NoFap for a long time I fear embaressing myself during sex...
  4. WanderingSoul

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    lol how did you use dating apps to get laid? what's your strategy? and what quality were the women?

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