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    a friend of a friend has cancer
    she has 4 kids, banker husband and a new house with her over 50K under 100k salary
    she has a site to give her money for her treatments
    the site takes 10% money raised

    This is the new way of begging...does she need to be begging? Do I want to give her money?
    Do yuo want to give her money?
    people make choices in life, lot of ways to reduce your chance of cancer...she didnt follow those ways...(her choice)
    so Darwinism rules?

    I've had family go through the exact crap shes going through, but with a lady who is 30yrs older
    we have so much more info now....SMOKING IS BAD
    I need a moment to think about what to do
    "I'm a little verklempt talk amongst yoursel\ves I'll give you a topic: The Prince of Tides was about neither a prince nor tides – Discuss."

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