One Last Time - Nofap Journal (26 y/o, PIED, PE)

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    I am not one for posting online or in forums usually, but the journals and threads put up here have been very helpful so I decided to do the same. I have had several nofap streaks to date ranging from 1 day through to 76 days with a 3 in the 50 - 60 range over the past 3 years. Each time I have gone on a streak I have progressed and felt amazing only to relapse and get stuck into a new spiral. So to do things differently, I felt it would be good to share and document this attempt so there is some accountability, plus hopefully provide some useful info for the next guy.

    I have been heavily PMO'ing since about 13 and I am now 26 (so 13 years or so). I grew up PMO'ing quickly to not get caught and conditioned PE due to it. This may be pseudoscience but I definitely last longer without porn and when I abstain from porn. Either way the PE is real. I have had a few sexual encounters over the years but most have been very negative with PIED and PE. I have never had a GF mostly due to the sexual anxiety caused by the negative sexual experiences.

    On my last streak (76 days) I lost 7 Kg, ran a 24 min 5K and made huge progress with my thesis. I then took modafinil due to the stress of writing and missing deadlines, causing a relapse. On the first day of taking modafinil I started looking at images of escorts after not being able to sleep and thinking it would be good to test if I was cured. On the second day of modafinil I PMO'd and went into a spiral of PMO'ing, looking for escorts etc till today (so a 1.5 month long spiral). There are some people on here who say they always relapse when they have insomnia and that is definitely the case for me. Though I would say the insomnia in this case was caused by modafinil which plays with your dopamine receptors. So there may be a link there. I ended u

    For this journal, I will try to do a weekly update about my goals, my progress, how I am feeling and try to upload any useful data as I go along. From tomorrow, I will be doing all the things that worked well over the previous streaks (listed below) and hope that it is the last time I start a new streak. If anyone has any questions about the journey feel free to ask and any advice is always welcome.

    Start Date: 06/07/2020

    Month 1 aims:

    NOFAP - Hard mode

    Exercise - running 3 times a week. At the end of my last streak I was running 5k 3 times a week and weighed 72 Kg. I am 76 kg now (1.5 months later). I will run/walk for 30 mins 3 times a week and try to build over the month.

    Breathing Exercises - 15 mins morning and night. I downloaded an app Prana Breath which I used at points during my last streak. I found it really helpful then got lazy so will resume the practice.

    One Meal A Day - I did a lot of intermittent fasting last time round and noticed a lot of benefits with weight loss and energy levels throughout the day. This time I want to go one step further and do one meal a day.

    Cool/Cold showers - This is a huge one that has helped throughout my life even before nofap. My shower doesn't get very cold but I will leave it on the coldest setting

    7 am alarm - I will put my phone the other side of the room and set a 7 am alarm. After getting up I will head straight for a shower.

    Current Problems:

    Lack of confidence around women
    Lack of confidence with sex

    Desired Outcomes:

    Get a GF/ long term partner
    Be more confident
    <15% body fat
    Finish my thesis
    5k in under 20 mins ( may be optimistic but why not!)
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    Hey Spartan! Welcome to the forum! Looks like you got some good goals. Welcome to the good fight. I look forward to reading about your progress. Lots of good guys on here keeping each other motivated and afloat.
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