On PIED, 2nd Flatline

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by bhappy, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. bhappy

    bhappy New Member

    Dear Friends,
    I would like to share my story, hope it will match with few of you & to give confidence to the people suffering the same. It may be long but I want to show the reality to who have the same problem..

    I am 27years of age, staying alone. To get rid of my Job stress & loneliness I used to watch P & M. I am M from age 17, between age 17-20 it will be once a week & after getting my own laptop it was increased. I Wont M excessively once/twice in a day for 4-5 days continuously & quit for a 10-15days. It used to be a habit for me to watch P 15-20min a day. My surfing will be different, i used to watch collections of same P'star, my interest will change sometimes watching weird stuff, fantasies, group sex, comics, stories etc. I will be always worried of my size, whether I will be able to satisfy a woman.

    My orgasm will be short, within a few seconds of M, won't be getting a complete orgasm. Sometimes I need 3-4 movies of my choice to get full orgasm. It was happening for the last 5-6years. If my work load is high the M thought wont come into my mind at all.

    Four months back I suddenly found I was not getting an erection. It was happening for 3-4days & no erection at all. Then I tried to watch porn to check whether I was getting full erection, it was only 80-90% and I Masturbated with that incomplete erection. I was afraid & gone to the urologist. He examined said I was alright.

    After 4-5days my morning wood partially returned & i was getting my full erection within a week. I was so happy i was alright & took my work lightly & things were going smooth. Then my masturbation practice continued as before for next two months.

    On surfing I came to know about the type of massages available & I want to give a try. After the massage I had a sex with the massage girl. I was fully hard & on inserting it was tight. Within few strokes I cummed, and can't get an erection. Before that I can masturbate continuously for 2nd time within another 20-30min, now that was gone, I was breathing heavily. I returned home & tried to masturbate again after few hours to check whether I was alright. Again I was getting 80% erection only.

    On google searched lot of posts about ED, then I have discovered a PIED & read post on reddit, YBOP. The problems posted seems similar to me. Then I decided to try nofap for next 90days. First 4-5days no morning wood, no erection in day, randomly i woke in midnight for 2-3 days i was having an erection close to 90%. No more day erections & only semi erect in the morning. It continued for 23days. My libido was totally gone. On 24th day i regained my erection, my erection was hard this time. Now getting my morning wood back for last 5-6days & still no erections on day time.

    No mastubation no porn for the last 30days. Accidentally came through few naked pop ups while surfing, on seeing that I was afraid & immediately i closed it. I was not attracted to Porn anymore. The fantasy movie has spoiled my mind completely. Trying to engage yourself in some activities, porn is not the real world. How foolishly i spent the time on recent years on fake pleasures. now i feeling peaceful & happy.

    On my 31st day now, got two we dreams in this streak, yet to regain more sensitivity.

    completed 1/3rd of my journey, trying to reach 100.
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  2. Mickeymouse

    Mickeymouse Well-Known Member

    Did you face penile shrinkage?
  3. bhappy

    bhappy New Member

    I don't think so. Now erections are far better.
  4. simon1986

    simon1986 Member

    Sounds like you nipped it in the bud pretty quickly mate, unlike me who buried his head in the sand and fapped away for 8 years with a soft erection. I'm paying the price now with a long as hell recovery. Congratulations on your progress.
  5. Mickeymouse

    Mickeymouse Well-Known Member

    Simon have you faced fatigue,insomnia ,penile shrinkage, no attraction towards girls in your journey?
  6. simon1986

    simon1986 Member

    Fatigue yes, more lack of motivation and social drive/desire to interact.

    Insomnia, not really, but maybe as for many years I needed alcohol to take my mind off my problems and help me sleep.

    Penile shrinkage, don't think so.

    No attraction, uuh yes of course. Wasn't really aware of it but looking back and comparing to now, I had no real sexual attraction to girls even if I thought they were pretty.

    Just on the above... P didn't really make me see women as objects, but it did make me very intimated by them. I guess it led me to think subconsciously that girls were like they are in P and I'd never be able to give them what they wanted in real life, and I'd never be able to live up to their sexual expectations.
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  7. Yrotrt

    Yrotrt New Member

    Are you seeing any improvements after abstinence??
  8. simon1986

    simon1986 Member

    Yes. Never felt better since before I started pmo.
  9. L_T_D313

    L_T_D313 Member

    I am, it's so damn annoying.
  10. L_T_D313

    L_T_D313 Member

    How far along are you in your streak?
  11. simon1986

    simon1986 Member

    2 years and 3 months almost
  12. bhappy

    bhappy New Member

    On no PMO for 70days, had my 1st flatline from 1-24, no morning erections, now on 2nd flatline from 44th day to till date. Is it normal to have 2nd flatline?
  13. L_T_D313

    L_T_D313 Member

    Have you gotten over whatever symptoms were effecting you?
  14. simon1986

    simon1986 Member

    Nope. Well... Yes, but not as happy as I want to be.

    Erections solid: Yes
    MW frequent and solid: Yes
    Sex works everytime I want it to: No

    I don't completely go into a flatline after O anymore but I do suffer mild anxiety when my libido drops and also... Weak erections.

    Too much (gosh it isn't even that much) orgasm, like more than 1 a week... Is too much still. My refractory period is ridiculous.

    But massive improvements from 2 years ago with a limp end to literally everything I threw at it.

    I ain't stopping now.
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  15. Jesjej

    Jesjej New Member

    Man, you have been making such a big progress.. it is not the time now to either give up or hesitate... those who give up at the finish lane lose the most :) ... after a while, you will be fully recovered, I am almost sure, men like you are motivation for the young lads like me ! Keep it up,brother

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