On being yourself and success stories and "girls are like us"

Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by wojtekoxx, Jun 14, 2014.

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    Ok so here's this thing about the redpill: I will give you parable/metaphor
    People who have some medical condition start a forum about taking a pill for this condition, and then complain about adversary side effects (redpill bitterness about women)
    People who don't have this problem don't go to the internet talking about the problem, so they are invisible to the first group (People who are normal, neither blue nor redpill yet have normal relations with women)

    TL;DR nr 2. I don't lift, I'm in no shape, depressed, short, quite old looking and I still racked about 50 "notches" (I count those women that were totally into fucking me but I was after fap so just fingered them or something and never seen them again due to that - and it's at least 1/3 of them). Whenever I got fuck buddy I complain to them online about depression and whine all the time, unless I feel like flirting with her. According to TRP I should be incel virgin mangina

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