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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by Old Tom Bombadil, Feb 4, 2021.

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    OTB, Saville is right; you'll get on another streak. If you made it to 100 days, you can certainly do it again. I'm also in a battle royale right now. This morning has been rough. But each time we push back against the beast, we win a battle in this war. It's all about not taking that first peek. You can do this. Power to you, bro.
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  2. Saville and Moz your kind support and positive words are REALLY just what I need at this point thank you. Moz you are absolutely right about the first peek leads to disaster. Stop the peek keep the streak! In a perverse way its kind of funny that for me the "keystroke journey" to this website begins the same way as P as I use Google Incognito for both activities. This is because they are in their way clandestine one for wholly negative reasons the other for the positive one that the battle against porn must be a solitary one its just too damaging to be shared with family. Today I clicked on google incognito with half a mind to look at P but thought I would look at the forum first and I am really glad I did. Moz good luck with todays battle I know you can do it! All best,
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    Hey 'old' Tom. Thanks for the visit... First and foremost, You're only in your 50s! Shit, @Saville has grandkids older then that.... Now that dude's an inspiration.

    Wish I could give you some sound sage advice about this journey. But after 5 years of lurking, sometimes actively participating, there is only one recommendation I can make. And my recommendation is the same as the grand wizards - post in your J every day, and read/post in the J's of others... The only true downside of this forum, is the lack of active participants(unless you want to venture into the youngsters threads)... Who the fuck wants to admit that porn is an issue in their lives... And it's probably not the porn that's the true problem - it's the delivery method of it... Porn in the 'old' days was slow. You had to work to obtain it... And if you had some, it probably just lead to some good sex with a partner if you had one, or a quick mo and you were done... Now it's one screen (sometime multiple screens) with us seeking that 'one' shot that will do it for us. Hours can fly bye... We edge till we can edge no more:rolleyes: Then we feel like shit! It just sucks the lifeforce out of us... So we 'recover' for a few days, start feeling good, our libido kicks back up, and all of sudden we have the (overwhelming) desire to release all that pent up energy. Next thing you know, you're searching donkey-sex and have no understanding why you find that interesting... That's the wash- rinse - repeat cycle and the roller coaster of emotions that comes with it. One peek is never the last. That's the battle. I wish you luck in winning the war.

    Have a good swim - and yes, fuck porn.
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    Uhm, because it's the bomb! :p

    So true!
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  5. Thanks for your comments TryGuy. Yes Saville is an inspiration and a real positive force for good on this site. Agreed about porn sucking the life force out of us. For me when the best has got me its not every few days its every few hours! Not only does P waste hours and hours and really depresses me and make me feel like shit mentally it has a physical effect it deprives me of sleep and stresses me out - all that edging and creeping around...In the most recent episode in the battle I have done one smart thing I have lent my daughter my smart phone (she's lost hers) this means I cannot look at porn in the middle of the night when I am alone in bed. This means the only "venue" is the desktop computer in my office - this impediment makes it harder to access porn which makes it easier to not access porn. Yesterday was a good day Pwise and more generally. Very little time on the computer and the garden all day doing loads of little jobs and one really big one. The weather here is annoyingly hot for working outside but I am to get out there again today in a few minutes. Fuck porn.
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    One day at a time...

    Unproductive time at the PC is a slippery slope that's hooked me way too many times. Never been a huge phone consumer of porn. (i much prefer the larger screen) (and I like have both hands free so one can grab the tissue:rolleyes:)
    I guess a tablet would be ok...

    Just keep postin' and readin'... Acknowledging the problem at least can move us a bit forward in dealing with it. But this shit is a challenge...
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  7. Yes indeed TryGuy one day at a time one day at a time. Well I have now had a streak of several days and feel much better for it. Still got a mountain to climb but I am no longer just lying horizontal being fucked over by the beast every day. I feel I have succeeded in getting the beast's foot?/hoof? off my throat and am still at the base of the mountain but at least I am now sitting looking up :)
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