Odyssey of a 20 yr old.( Regular update)daywise journey

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    Day 141

    I now feel like it's low T. My pennis leaks some water after I pee and wash my pennis. I don't know why some water comes out of my pennis. I was about to get my tests done for prostatis .But the female receptionist at the lab gave me a suspicious look when I went enquiring about the tests. And I was like I cannot get the test done here.
    I have to prepare for some jobs. But I feel I should not make the same mistake of joining the job like the previous job before getting myself right. Hence I donot know where my life is taking me.
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    Day 151

    It's like an achievement but I don't feel it to be one. Because is still feel no energy or random erections or even the morning wood. I don't know what is happening with me. At the same time I have a streak of 207 days of going for 4 km walks everyday. I don't feel fit still. I still have chest pains when I sit for more than 10 mins at a place. My chest becomes stiff and I have to stretch just to relive the pain.
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    How to change the title of the thread?
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    Day 156

    I went to a zoological park with my brother and man i was sweating so badly which I do think realise until I wanted to click a picture with a front camera. I looked around and the people who started with us at the same time where all doing great good. I don't know one by just walking some 2 km how can I sweat such badly. I have been going for brisk walks for almost over 215 days now regularly I still do the understand why I become so sweaty with so less physical activity. I feel bad sleep leads to that.
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    Day 158

    I had a wet dream. But again the same story I lekead some urine I don't know why it is happening the third time. When I have wet dream I tend to leak out urine too. Woke up just 3 hr after falling asleep. I don't know how will I fall asleep back. Also the semen was very thin.
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    Day 160

    I went for cupping. He applied 3 cups and after like 5-10 mins I was on the verge of fainting. I became dizzy and felt like vomiting. He asked me to press his hand just to test my strength and he said I have a lot of general weakness.
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    Day 168

    I m confused as to why I always feel tired and not energetic at all. My face is also ndicative of that. I want to feel normal . May be I might deal with Ed and premature ehejaculati later. Still not able to fall asleep despite tiring myself and after waking very tiring.
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    Day 172

    I had a partial wet dream.
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    Day 176

    My psych told me to be less on the forum as I tend to gain anxeity when I read about people who did not improve despite on being no pmo for over 2-3 years. My symptoms of fatigue , low energy full mood still exits .I have no morning erections or noctirnoc erections.

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