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Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by Mickeymouse, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Mickeymouse

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    Day 22

    Last night's dream was like this. I was trying to masturbate looking on to a women. I don't know why I am sharing this. But does this kind of dreams come to you people too?
    May be because the only sexual outlet for me was masturbation now that I am prohibiting myself from masturbation. Anyhow again tired having pains in head due to poor sleep.
  2. Professor Chaos

    Professor Chaos Active Member

    Pretty normal. I would not worry about it too much. Your mind is just rewiring.

    Remember, sex is natural and normal. Sitting in front of a computer drooling over pixels, is not.
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  3. Mickeymouse

    Mickeymouse Member

    Haven't had night erections from quite some time. Very occasionally may for like 2 times in the past 22-23 days did I have morning erection which lasted for just 25-30 secs. It makes me worried when I am preserving my sexual energy the intensity of erections is so less what when I became sexual with my future wife. Also in those 2 erections that I had the erections was just avg with the head of the pennis being small. The head used to be normal till 2-3 yrs back if I recall a good memory point.
  4. Mickeymouse

    Mickeymouse Member

    Also professor I am not having sexual intimacy with any female. So rewiring is happening or not I don't know.
  5. Mickeymouse

    Mickeymouse Member

    Day 24

    Yesterday my friends went to play cricket at night since it's fasting in the day. I could not because I know I will get tired and worn myself out. It's a remorse and regret that I feel now. Feels like why did I PMO? I just want myself back . Since I have realised that pmo had done harm to me I have rarely not had my mind thinking about it. In the washroom I think about it. While writing I think about the same . While evening walks I think the same. I don't know when shall this end and how shall this end.

    Hope almighty Allah shall show some mercy during Ramadan .

  6. Mickeymouse

    Mickeymouse Member

    Day 27

    Alhamdulillah by the grace of God I am still going. But my pennis is getting shriveled like pickle after I come back from walks. Same is the situation when I do any physical task. Is it normal?. Also I feel like the sensation to empty my bladder. Like going for pee quite often then early. What can it be? whom should I go to?
  7. Professor Chaos

    Professor Chaos Active Member

    Hey mate. Go to a doctor or a sexual health specialist. Please don’t be embarrassed it’s part of being a health adult male. It’s good to do. You will live longer. It’s why women live longer than us, they go for check ups all the time.

    I also don’t think you can self diagnose as having ED if you don’t have a partner. I’m sure that you are on the right path. Spiritual warriors need healing to. TALK TO SOMEONE.

    Good luck!
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  8. varunsharma

    varunsharma Member

    Mickey I also feel very tired after playing and even have back pain neck pain etc after the next day. Also when going out with friends to party or to fests for dancing i feel low energy and pain afterwards.
    But I still go because I enjoy doing these stuffs. I think having the mentality that after 90 days I will have more energy etc and then I will go and do these things doesn't help at all. We should keep doing things that are normal for everyone and that we enjoy. Missing out on these things because of the fear of pains , low energy etc would just create frustration and nothing else.I have realized that these pains exist even when I am just resting at home. So its better we do things we like and get the fun that we can
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  9. Mickeymouse

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    Day 28

    It was a tiresome day. I m waiting for a wet dream. Haven't had any in this streak. Some emotional breakdowns after the evening meal. I cried infront of my parents when I was too tired and I yelled at my mom. I said sorry but they are not aware of the tension that comes when you have doubts of having ed. Anyhow I have been regular for walking since last 85 days. Which is actually like 95-100 days I missed a day in between the initial 10 days so missed on streak. With the help of this walking, slight jogging( not in fasting time) and slight exercise and dieting reduced my weight from 79 kgs to 70.3 kgs. Might be effects look magnified because of Ramadan. I must keep the routine. But once I take up a job this shall be a daunting task again. I have become very particular about each and every small detail in my life. Like for example I haven't had soft drinks since 45-50 days because it contains caffeine and caffeine is not good for people suffering from insomnia. Same applies to tea and coffee I have eliminated them completely they are now alienated except for once when my friend forced me to have tea because they were feeling drowsy. Since the last one year I have hardly had tea or coffee once or twice. The same applies to many things. I want to live a tension free life the life of a 9 th standard kid who is enthusiastic about weekends who enjoys Sundays and feels that Monday should have also been holiday. People rejoice on the last day of their semester. But I don't. I used to till some point of time but not now. I feel like no women shall be interested in me. Thoughts like this keep on running in my mind . Then things like what if a girl marries me and suppose I have ED what next then? Would it not be like cheating with the girl and not telling it before the marriage. Here in India you don't have the tradition of telling your to be wife or husband all that. Thoughts like this keep on running through out my mind the whole day.
    Again I had this dream of joining the army but I cannot fulfill it know I feel because I have wasted much of my energy in masturbation. I feel I can never go back to those days when I masturbated and yet had energy to run etc .

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