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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by nofap2406, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. nofap2406

    nofap2406 Guest

    Hi guys,I know I haven't been most active member but I read your posts and they helped me a lot,thank you for that. So,lets start from beginning, daily fapper for few years,never got into kinky stuff, still developed ED.
    I think it wasn't a bad one,but bad enough to make me unable to sexualy perform.
    I could get hard while making out with girls,even hard enough for BJ/HJ,but in time for intercourse I failed few times and developed anxiety :( .
    Found about this site 9/12/2012 and started reboot instant.
    Had a no P relapse on day 6 and then started again.
    It was around 50 days of no PMO, I mean NO PMO,not even a bit,was in flatline for about 2-3 weeks during that time,had very little morning wood or s.erections.
    Yday (03/02/2013) I had sex and it was great,all the things were working perfectly accept a little PE but that is better then ED any day of the week and it will get better with time,i'm sure of it :).
    My point is,don't lose hope, I was a mild case and got healed fast and i'm grateful for that.
    Also don't think many people don't succeed cuz there is little Success Stories , I think lots heal but don't post it because they want to leave that part of their lives behind them but I felt like writing this so others know there IS HOPE.
    I will try to answer your questions if you got any, good luck and stay strong people, we will succeed !!!
  2. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Well done man, Congratulations.

    Good to see another short reboot. Funnily enough the other one i read recently was 55 days as well for successful sex.

    Watch out for chaser/flat line after your O
  3. fuzzy_dunlop

    fuzzy_dunlop Member

    Great news, Ares! Delighted for you. You mind me asking how old you are?
  4. nofap2406

    nofap2406 Guest

    Thanks guys! :D

    @ gameover - I have little chaser but its controllable,no flatline :)

    @ fuzzy_dunlop - Don't mind at all,i'm 20 years old.
  5. original

    original hope

    quick heal, happy for you.
    well done.
  6. kevcox25

    kevcox25 Member

    Yea man everything you said I have. I'm 23 years old right now and reading this gives me hope. I had been going through a rough time, but I believe this will be my final reboot. I've tried rebooting several times but failed. I believe after awhile I will succeed and be a healthy fully functional being again. Thanks, hope mine is that short.
  7. nofap2406

    nofap2406 Guest

    Thanks Original ! :)

    @kevcox25 - That was the whole point man,to give you motivation to do it, cuz it is possible,also first 2 weeks were the hardest, after that it was a piece of cake for me.
  8. Axiomatic

    Axiomatic Member


    How did you know you were ready for sex?
    Are you getting m woods now?
    How is your libido?
  9. nofap2406

    nofap2406 Guest

    ty Axiomatic!

    - I didn't know,there is no way to be sure, real test is with a woman.
    - My MWood is still weak or no existent,but who cares about that :) ?
    - Libido is very good, I feel great,I get few semi's during day,mostly in the morning.
  10. Axiomatic

    Axiomatic Member

    Thanks for the great reply. I really look forward to seeing your progress as the weeks and months go by. Please keep us informed! I've noticed there is a shortage in people giving feedback after they have successful sex once or twice. I'm always curious if sex sets people back into flatlines and ED if they go overboard with a partner.

    -I thought so too but I wasn't sure. I have been waiting for that raging horniness like teenager days but I think it is unreasonable. I'm fairly certain that I'd be okay to have sex now, but I am still going to wait even though I think it functions quite normally.

    -True, I suppose I'm just looking for any sign that suggests a stabilized return to equilibrium was obtained.

    -In terms of libido - can you get hard just from seeing a naked girl? Teenager days, I used to get hard just from seeing my girlfriend naked. Now, regardless of naked or not, I have to make out to get hard.
  11. nofap2406

    nofap2406 Guest

    I will try to keep you informed, I don't think sex can get you into ED again in any way.
    The more questions I answer the more I feel like i'm helping people :) .

    - Don't expect that unless your still a teenager :D
    - Can be done without MW and S.Erections,but they cant be a bad sign !
    - I don't think so, but can if I imagine sex with real woman. Again with teenager days,that is past when hormones were wild, I don't expect any of that again.
  12. nofap2406

    nofap2406 Guest

    Ok this is one week update - BE CAREFUL ! I fapped 3 times in week after declaring successful reboot... not PMO,only MO but its still no good, Im going all over again,think im gonna make fap every 2-3weeks,that should be good.
    P.S. - My libido is raging !!
    - Low or no MWood
  13. nofap2406

    nofap2406 Guest

    So,I'm back... And sadly not to give you stories of my success again. I fucked up.
    After reboot,i guess it wasn't complete - I started to have sex and MO every week or so, It was to much for me..
    Last week I found out my old problem is back, failing in time for penetration. I O'ed through HJ/BJ few times and it threw me deep in flatline. So I'm going no PMO,this time for life! Advise you all to do the same, Good luck all.
  14. Latino84

    Latino84 New Member


    u dun goofed man

    for me quitting porn is easy, not masturbating is most difficult
  15. nofap2406

    nofap2406 Guest

    Its all easy for me, only problem is I was thinking it was few months deal,not going MO free entire life...
  16. Troychambers44

    Troychambers44 New Member

    So you would say no MO post-reboot?
  17. Visage

    Visage New Member

    I am planning a no MO life (unless a partner is present too), I wont succeed that, but if i can limit it to say 10 times a year I think that is fine.

    Part of your problem Ares maybe that you did too much too soon, some guys think they have rebooted from PMO, but find that progress is not linear and flatline later...It is best to go 3 months no PMO minimum in my opinion, or expect things to drag out for many more months..MO stunt things and made things worse for me. But my MO was not normal, in that full sensitivity down below was not fully back and I was using fantasy 3rd person every time.

    Were you fantasising when MOing?
  18. nofap2406

    nofap2406 Guest

    @Troychambers44 - Yes,going MO free if you have someone to have sex with at least once o month, I guess MO free is impossible for entire life but first year or so it can be done.

    @Visage - Hey man,thank for opinion,you may be right. I was doing MO every 5-6 days for a month and a half cca. Most was only on hand stimulation,but I noticed,the more I MO, I was starting to fantasise more...
  19. Troychambers44

    Troychambers44 New Member

    Thanks for the replies man. God Bless
  20. Muikkuman

    Muikkuman Guest

    well don't give up just keep going. everything is not lost, this was only a minor setback. :)

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