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    Day 10 - Didn’t PMO today, but did have a long day, and almost had sex.

    I went on 2nd date, and we made out heavily throughout our time together. I went to her place at the end of the day, and we had another heavy make out session to the point where I hit 2nd base. Unfortunately she didn’t want to have sex and wants the relationship to develop first. I didn’t react to her needs, and I was calm about it. But we know our sexually chemistry is aligned. We’ll see where this goes.

    Interesting thing, even I didn’t have sex and I’m on Day 10. I feel okay, there’s no blue balls. I progressed a lot since last month, and I’m on this non PMO journey. So it’s still a success.
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    Day 11 - I’m so exhausted from a long and busy day yesterday, and the lack of sleep throughout the week that I’m in bed the whole day today. I didn’t do anything. Many close PMO moments.

    Retention wise, I feel a grounded and my self esteem feels good because I have the discipline to not PMO.

    I’ll be going to the gym later in the evening.

    I went to the gym with Day 11 vibes. I notice when I’m working out, attractive women come close to me and they literately workout next to me.

    I don’t goto the area where they are doing their workouts. They come to my area of workout, which I find interesting.

    Even it’s great opportunity for me to talk to them, I don’t know why, but I subconsciously try to cut them out. I don’t want to make eye contact with them during my workouts. My priority is me before anything else, and I truly fear of being distracted by them. Which will lead me to derailment. At the same time, I need retain to my strength by having self control and lead the way.

    After going to the gym, I realized my sexual energy is there, and I feel my body language is very strong. It’s not a fake chest out, but a natural chest out and the way I walk is filled with abundance and direction. When I do my workouts, I don’t hesitate what is next, I know exactly what to do, and do it with intention. Women pick this up.

    However, today, I will slowly start to talk them when the time is right. They can smell my sexual energy, and they are gravitating towards me. This is very interesting experience, and I can’t believe it’s happening real time.
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    Day 12 - No PMO, close call but cannot do it. It’s not worth it. I got up extra early, and went out to do errands.

    I went to eat breakfast with a friend, and me and the hostess made strong eye contact. Eye contact is key to creating sexual attraction, when you mix a great smile and strong body language. It’s a killer combo. You don’t need to talk. Just having a strong sexual presence is all you need to create attraction. And I’ve been naturally doing this. I don’t feel empty, I feel loaded lol.

    Interesting, how one chick told me I was a playboy via text last night. I haven’t even met her yet, at the same time she sensed it. I guess my non chalant and non needy behaviour makes her crave my sexual presence even more.

    I’ll likely go on another date tomorrow. I have this sense of abundance. Tbh, I don’t really care what happens tomorrow and just live in the moment with my date. As I don’t expect anything, and just go with the flow.
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    Day 13 - No PMO. The date I was suppose to go out tomorrow. We ended up seeing each other tonight. She wanted to see me now lol, she couldn’t wait to see me.

    She sensed I had playboy vibes, so I toned down my approach with her. I never realized how I’m naturally in tuned sexually. She’s really attracted to me, and I’m okay with that. We could have made out, but I took it slow with her. We had a good chat, we kissed each other’s cheeks and hugged. We’ll be setting up another time to meet again. I feel my sense of self control to not make out with this date is far more attractive than just trying to get my foot in the door right away.

    This is WAY BETTER than PMO.
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  5. Jakovasaur_2019

    Jakovasaur_2019 Life is like a game of chess.

    Congratulations on your streak man!

    How have you been able to have that "sexual energy" increase over the past few days? I don't recall ever having gone on a date, but I do have a female friend of mine who I talk to every now and then.
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    Thanks. Many factors, most importantly keep retention, continue to workout, and chat up with women periodically. When you chat up with enough women, you’ll start to feel more comfortable with them. And go on a date. When you’re consistent at this, women will feel this sexual energy from you. Easier said than done, but greatness comes from within, literally lol.

    I was at the gym today, looked at myself in the mirror and feel more attractive. Also my mindset is starting to shift that I can be with more attractive women.

    Was walking in downtown today to catch up with things, and me and this woman locked eyes as we crossed paths.

    Update: As much as I am getting dates and close to having sex with women, I'm realizing that I'm getting distracted again which leads me to not doing my day well. Tbh, for the past 2 weeks, it's just been a wave of different things happening to me, and I'm out of my typical routine. So I'll need to refocus on my priorities and balance myself again.
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    Day 14 - I’m going to congratulate myself for hitting 2 weeks without PMO!

    Went to the gym, and had much energy, I was working out for 2 hrs.

    Out of the dates I went out, there’s one date we really connected. And she couldn’t wait to see me, to the point where she was craving me. Mind you, it’s great to have this feeling, but damn it really makes me want to release.

    I was laying in my bed this morning, and I was slowly M, no P or O. I didn’t crave P because of her sexual energy towards me was all I needed to M. I knew if I continued to M, I would definitely break my streak today. So I stopped before it’s too late. So I knew Day 14 would be a test of my commitment, and I feel I succeeded. It was a very close one today.
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    Day 15 - Wow, after celebration… I completely relapsed lol.

    Last night, I went out with a woman who’s been craving to see me since last week. She was very sexual and she couldn’t keep her hands off me, we literally did lots of 2nd base things together. Unfortunately we couldn’t go all the way that day. We’ll be seeing each other again.

    When I went home, I started to M and a little O happened. I didn’t even need P. However this morning, I released 3x with P. It was difficult to not release after our moment together.

    As much as I hit 2 full weeks of retention and release today. I’m not going to guilt trip myself, I still see this as a win, compared to last month.
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    I released yesterday and also released today as well. Usually this goes on for 1-3 days until I start to build again. But do feel empty and my conversation flow does feel a bit needy unfortunately.

    I feel I’m going through a frustrating time.

    I realize that life can be consistent for a week or 2 then start to pivot 180 just like that. Don’t react, learn to respond to the situation. Life will test your patience and discipline at ANYTIME. So you’ll have to be ready every time, no excuses. Just respond to the situation and do not react.

    I’m slowly starting to learn to not care of what people think at this point with my daily social interactions with people. I feel when you interact with people, they engage with you to mostly to their benefit, not yours. It’s that’s the cold hard truth. That’s why you need to live your life, and not to be consumed to live the life of others.
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    Yes! I got laid! :);):cool:

    Even though I released for the past 2 days. I just got laid tonight with the woman who was craving to see me since last week. We did see each other 2 days ago, hit 2nd base, and today was the lay up.

    I released 2x with her while she released 3-4x. We had great energy throughout our time together and we held nothing back. Just to let you know, it’s totally worth the build up. Yes there’s the ups and downs of retention, but at the end of the day it’s totally worth it.

    I can’t just credit the retention, but I also credit myself. There were a few hoops I had to go through to get the lay up, but it was worth the effort.
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    This weekend was nothing but having sex. I released about 2x to 4x per day.

    Even though I am drained this weekend, and have no retention due to sex, women can smell my energy and are attracted to my presence.

    There was one woman on her phone, when I walked passed her, she took a quick glimpse at me before going back to her call.

    A few women were checking me out with direct eye contact. They can smell if you had sex or not. And they want the piece of the action as well. Never come across needy, always come across abundant.
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    Even though I’m getting regular sex, I’m craving to release daily.

    I’m noticing it’s spilling over to PMO when I’m not seeing her that day.

    I need to retain for a few days or at least a week, but I’m starting to notice it will be a challenge to retain at this point, since we see each other 2-3 times per week.

    The only thing I can do is abstain from porn when I am not seeing her. And releasing when I do have sex with her.
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    It’s been an interesting couple of days, since we had multiple sex sessions during the weekend. And when we’re not seeing each other, we’ve been getting off via phone when we’re not together.

    Our sex drive is clearly matched and it’s a great feeling. At the same time, I’m constantly releasing almost daily, and it’s making me release morning and night with PMO, when she isn’t available.

    The challenge with regular sex is not retaining and feeling empty most days. I would like to retain at least a few days to not feel drained and feel productive. But when I’m constantly being drained, it’s bit tough to be productive.
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    Hello ya'll, going to get back to this again. Daily PMO is not worth it, all that productive energy goes to waste for no reason.

    However, I'll schedule my PMO's or when there's an opportunity to release via sex. If I go beyond my schedule, then great, but I'm not going to pent up my sexual energy.

    I realize there's a point in time when a release is needed to clear the mind. But this release must be scheduled or you start to question why you're doing this in the first place (yes the benefits are there, but with no end goal or reward, it becomes an another job).

    Next Steps:
    • remove porn bookmarks - pending
    • remove nearby lubricants - pending
    • most of the masturbation occurs in bed with the phone on ready, and not on a desktop - don't have phone in bed, if phone in bed, will trigger PMO
    • turn on website blocker for specific times
    • mute or remove social media accounts that is sexual in nature ~ doing it as I go
    In addition to PMO, I will also post my progress:
    • anything that will keep me in bed triggers PMO
      • no phone in bed
      • turning off my phone and putting it in drawer by 10 pm
      • getting up with no phone check until I'm all dressed up to go outside
    • when I have a messy room triggers PMO
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    Messy room: Yes, things are piling up, starting to feel overwhelmed
    Turn phone off by 10 pm: Yes
    Night PMO: No
    Wake up: 545 am
    Morning PMO: No, I checked my phone in bed, but I'm sick and tired of my life, so I got up and went to the coffee shop 30 minutes before the shop even opened this morning, got lots done
    Phone in bed: Yes, current living situation makes it hard to not use phone in bed. I only have a room, with no living room to check phone. I'll be moving out for better living conditions.

    Next Steps:
    - clear messy room, specifically clear the floor first ~ done
    - clear messy room, worked on doing a bag of laundry 1/3 ~ done
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    Messy room: Yes, but cleared the floor, and big improvement vs yesterday, need to clear 2 more loads of laundry this week
    Turn phone off by 10 pm: Yes, but woke up at 1 am, can't go back to bed, using desktop to update this accountability
    Night PMO: No
    Wake up: 1 am
    Morning PMO: No, but mild urge and I asked myself why I am doing this, and the consequence of PMO
    Phone in bed: Yes, turned it on, but put it back in drawer; I couldn't sleep, had the phone in bed, but listened to a book

    Next Steps:
    - clear messy room, worked on clearing pile of clean clothes ~ done
    - clear messy room, put clean clothes in clothing drawer ~ done
    - clear messy room, worked on doing a bag of laundry 2/3 ~ done

    Side Note:
    I also put a web blocker on my phone, and it's harder for me to access YouTube on my phone. YouTube is such a time waster. As much as I am watching non sexual things, it eats so much of my time, and I am able to get more productive things done instead.

    It's been 2-3 days since I didn't PMO, and I can feel my productivity starting to go up with strong motivation to do cardio. When I PMO'd daily, I feel very empty inside (literally), but now I feel mildly fulfilled with things.

    Also, I've been chatting with another chick, and I am more responsive with my replies, usually it takes me a while to reply, but right now I just flow to whatever I want to say to her.

    I realize that life is so short and wasting your life on YouTube or scrolling on social media will eat away your time and energy. By the end of the day, you become tired, things pile up, and your will power is so low that you'll likely PMO.
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    Messy room: No, but have 1 bags and 1 boxes to clear from floor
    Turn phone off by 10 pm: Yes initially, couldn’t fall a sleep so played something on phone
    Night PMO: No, but had very strong urge because I couldn't sleep
    Wake up: 9 am, groggy, didn't get up until 45 mins after
    Morning PMO: No
    Phone in bed: Yes, after waking up to post this accountability, checked few YT videos, but I scheduled myself 1 hr to get up, and now I am up

    Next Steps:
    - clear messy room, clear box, clear bag on floor
    - clear messy room, work on organizing clothing cabinet to put clothes
    - clear messy room, laundry 3/3

    I notice on Day 4 that's when I feel productive and loaded. I got lots things done yesterday. I was at the office yesterday, and a few girls notice me and smile or check me out.
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    Messy room: No, but have 1 bags and 1 boxes to clear from floor
    Turn phone off by 10 pm: No, it's Friday, chilled out with friends until 11 pm
    Night PMO: No, but had mild urge
    Wake up: 5 am, went for a jog by 6 am, felt amazing
    Morning PMO: No
    Phone in bed: Yes, briefly, watched few YT videos for less than 20 mins

    Next Steps:

    - clear messy room, clear box, clear bag on floor
    - clear messy room, work on organizing clothing cabinet to put clothes
    - clear messy room, laundry 3/3

    Even though releasing is the best feeling, the rewards are only 2-3 seconds of bliss. But the long term effects can eat away 2-3 years of your life, if not longer. I haven't PMO'd in 5 days, and I feel great. My energy is up, I'm very focused, and I get stuff done.

    Also if certain individuals drain my energy in a negative manner, I cut them off completely, no 'ifs' or 'buts' You know why? If they stress me, guess what happens end of the day. The urge to PMO increases ten fold to release the stress from negative energy. I allowed them to do it for free and on my own expense. I walk a higher path (and those who are in a similar path) vs negative people in this world.
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    Messy room: No, but it's building up again, will clear tomorrow since it's already late
    Turn phone off by 10 pm: No, turned off by 1030 pm because I was out working
    Night PMO: No, passed out
    Wake up: 930 am, yesterday was a long and full day yesterday, chilled in bed most of the day today
    Morning PMO: No, but strong urges due to talking with chick who's sending my dirty photos of herself
    Phone in bed: Yes, briefly, watched a few YT videos, and movie, need to be careful since most PMOs happen when my phone is in the bed

    I’m just chilling home right now because it’s been a long day yesterday. And wow… my PMO urge is pretty high.

    The chick I’m currently talking to is sending me dirty pics of herself yesterday night. I’m liking them, but it’s making me want to PMO so much more today. The previous chick who I saw in the past did the same, send me a list of dirty pics of herself too. I know this is a test, and I feel women are always testing us guys to PMO lol.
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    Messy room: No, but it's building up again, clear today
    Turn phone off by 10 pm: No
    Night PMO: Yes, unfortunately, 1st day PMO
    Wake up: 5 am, PMO'd, woke up at 930 am
    Morning PMO: Yes, since I already PMO'd at night
    Phone in bed: Yes

    I think I PMO'd last night was due to the various factors... stress from previous days, the chick sending me dirty pics, room is getting messy again, and my phone in my bed due to an exhausting week. That's definitely PMO.

    I notice if I released 1x I feel moderately loaded, 2x I feel mildly loaded, but I release 3/3, I will feel empty
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