Now 30 years old, starting from 13 years old

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    My current situation

    1.Severe brain fog, seeing things is like a layer of fog, the brain and the outside world can't get real interaction

    2.Loss of language ability, speech does not pass through the brain

    3.I have no energy and lethargy. I really want to sleep. The back of my head is very painful, and I feel like my brain is about to squeeze out.

    4.My worst situation! I don’t want to go out and talk to people, I think everyone is laughing at me

    I tried to commit suicide, but I have a six-year-old budgerigar. I don’t want to leave him alone in this world. He is old and I have to take care of him every day.He is my only friend

    I in China and had to support my parents, but gradually I couldn't work and didn't want to talk to people. I just want to watch porn, then eat and sleep.
  2. wangkaiquan

    wangkaiquan New Member

    1 day my head still hurts
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    Sorry to hear you feel this way. Depression is a very hard fight indeed.

    As depressed as you feel, always try to remember suicide is not the answer.

    Life is difficult, many people experience different levels of difficulty. But there is a saying: "The greater the difficulty, the grater the glory."

    Imagine how good you would feel if you overcame your problems. Maybe try and go outside for a walk without your phone?

    Dont lose hope, friend.

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