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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by MoneyMike34, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. MoneyMike34

    MoneyMike34 Guest

    I'm glad I'm not one of those guys that can barely go a week without PMO. I'd say there were times when I had a tough time going a week but now I feel so much better. Like I have no desire to watch porn. It seems like so long ago that I actually had a hunger to watch porn but it's like it's a thing of the past. That is my ultimate goal. Although I'm doing good now I know I can't let my guard down. But I also know that I have control over my addiction. It doesn't have power over me anymore
  2. zig!zag!

    zig!zag! New Member

    well done buddy..... i have no desire to watch it now i know how much i was fucking myself up.........just gotta get past these side efeects
  3. MoneyMike34

    MoneyMike34 Guest

    Yeah the side effects are rough but you gotta ride it out
  4. WoLong

    WoLong Guest

    Just because you're currently not experiencing urges doesn't mean that you're over porn. There will always be periods without urges, don't take them as a sign that you can let your guard down.
  5. nintenlier

    nintenlier Member

    I currently have no urges at all. The withdrawal symptom (if it even is a withdrawal symptom) is actual moderate depression. If my penis is dead all my life, that's okay, I can live with that. I just cannot live with this depression.
  6. MoneyMike34

    MoneyMike34 Guest

    my erections are also back 100% on their own and from touch alone forgot to post that
  7. MoneyMike34

    MoneyMike34 Guest

    also I haven't had the urge to watch porn in over 20 days
  8. Kokonut

    Kokonut New Member

    true. there are times where you think, you are 100% over it. don't fool yourself. you should still consider yourself an addict until you go 3 months, without slips, relapses AND without urges. as long as you have urges, you are addicted. as long as you don't act on them, as long are you trying to resist. as long as you try to make your life more pleasurable without PMO, you are working on bypassing your addiction.
  9. calmwinter

    calmwinter Guest

    This. I just relapsed even though an hour ago I never thought I'd never relapse.
  10. MoneyMike34

    MoneyMike34 Guest

    Thanks for all the warnings. I just don't wanna have a mindset like "oh this addiction is in control of me" I'm in control.
  11. UsernameTaken

    UsernameTaken New Member

    cant wait till you relapse so i can laugh. rule number one never be overconfident
  12. MoneyMike34

    MoneyMike34 Guest

    Lmao and you have nothing better to look forward to? Your life must suck I'm laughing now
  13. Foxhunter

    Foxhunter Deflect & Parry

    Again, you are either a consistent troll, or somehow don't realize that you yourself said you "would never relapse" many, many times. Wasting whole threads on it....
  14. MoneyMike34

    MoneyMike34 Guest

    I don't even take him serious. He either made a profile just to troll or he's a pathetic loser who's never gonna stop jacking off to porn
  15. MoneyMike34

    MoneyMike34 Guest

    damn I guess you relapsed before I did. But I'm not gonna laugh
  16. Satriani

    Satriani New Member

    maybe you simply dont have a natural high libido

    some of us do

    you may say, no you dont, is the addiction


    because people who are not addicted, dont have the same libido, it differs from men to men, due to genetics

    even when I quit porn for weeks, and my libido returns full force, even now, if I relapse, I never go into downtime or whatever they call it, when u dont have no libido etc

    never happens to me
  17. MoneyMike34

    MoneyMike34 Guest

    man this was over a month ago I'm horny as fuck now. I get erections from just talking to chicks lol I'm a Scorpio man we're the most sexual

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