Noporn only or Noporn + Nofap?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by xdkyrdiytfo7fjtrsd, Aug 17, 2022.

  1. xdkyrdiytfo7fjtrsd

    xdkyrdiytfo7fjtrsd New Member

    I'm heavily addicted and way too deep into fetishism. Had a few tries with nofap, my longest streak was only about 20 days, but it greatly improved my erections for regular women bodies and female genitalia.

    It was like torture, because I use masturbation to cope with anxiety, and due to my porn addiction I still kept downloading all the porn I could find. But then I remembered that what actually fucks with our brains is porn, not the act of masturbating, so during the last few days I've stopped looking at porn and have been jerking off using just my imagination.

    Will this be enough to rewire my brain back to normal? Since not even a week has passed, I still have to imagine fetish sex, but it will eventually de-escalate, right?
  2. Kuhn

    Kuhn Member

    a reboot works better if you also abstain from fapping.
  3. Donnyy

    Donnyy New Member

    You wrote that you noticed improvements with women - congratulations! Did this fact help you reduce your anxiety levels?
  4. xdkyrdiytfo7fjtrsd

    xdkyrdiytfo7fjtrsd New Member

    Thanks, but that short nofap didn't help with my anxiety at all, my anxiety comes from unrelated issues. The masturbation is just a coping mechanism, though a prolonged nofap should help with it a little. But after wasting the entirety of last night edging, today I've sworn to stop the PMO sessions for at least until the end of the year. I imagine it would be so easy if I had a partner, but that's completely out of my reality.
  5. BackOnTrack

    BackOnTrack Active Member

    for me porn makes the anxiety go away for a moment, but puts it on a way higher level in the long run.
    Without Porn I'm way more confident and can actually solve problems instead of letting them pile up.
    You can try fapping without porn, for me it never worked, eventually I would relapse to porn.
    Going cold turkey is easier, because you enter flatlines, which the majority complains about, but not having urges for a few days is actually a blessing to be productive.
  6. xdkyrdiytfo7fjtrsd

    xdkyrdiytfo7fjtrsd New Member

    I almost relapsed a couple weeks ago. In a way, I kinda did. I was reading dirty shit on a Discord server and downloading porn compulsively, but always looking away when masturbating. It's not exactly masturbating to porn, but it must have the same effect. After that session I've blocked all porn sites and it has been working for me ever since.
    I don't want to reset the counter because it's so demotivating, but I wish I could edit it bcos I put "no porn masturbation" (meaning no porn AND masturbation, not no porn + masturbation at the same time) there when I said my goal is just no more P+M+O sessions. I still masturbate without visual stimuli in one or two days a week. Maybe I just set it like that due to the fact that it's easier said than done, then realized it would be impossible bcos of my anxiety and changed it to ok masturbation, but no PMO.
    I think only people in relationships should commit to nofap, coz everybody needs a release one way or another. Anyway, now that I've blocked the poison I feel like I can last until the end of the year or maybe forever. That should fix my brain hopefully, but I'm still gonna have this dopamine addiction in the form of useless YouTube videos, studying stuff I don't need and gaming, but this is probably a topic for another forum.
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  7. Bruce k

    Bruce k New Member

    i would suggest to stop masturbating also because it is also addictive.. i was addicted to masturbation without porn then came porn and masturbation.. those masturbation to your fantasy will fill your thoughts with pervert thinking after sometime.. instead lose yourself in some work, career, learning new things.. the urge will be unbearable at the first few months.. but it will reduce slowly.. and About your new learning, hobies, career, work, its going to be horrible at first because it is going to be slow process and it does not give quick high as masturbation.. But have patience and change it brain habits now.. NO porn, No Masturbation.. thats my sugestion. you have been masturbating a long time. stop it atleast for 4 months and watch the result.. My suggestion is no masturbation no porn.. Dont want you to fall in place where i am.. lost everything in Life - life goals, career to masturbation... Fix it now. dont let your mind trick you by -lets do it one last time.. learn to face stress, tension, anxiety, boring situation in Life by not ruuning to masturbation but putting yourself in between that situation.. masturbation is an escape route.. but you cannot escape someday it will pop up in front of your life. face it now.

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