Nofap Leads to Dominant Fantasies, Fap Leads to Masochistic Fantasies

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Suture Up Your Future, Dec 28, 2018.

  1. Something I noticed about myself. Long time heavy porn user here.
    When I go a few weeks without porn, my fantasies become normal, straight fantasies - I want to take some gal, throw her on the bed and fuck her like normal, with me in the dominant position. Like my fantasies used to be in adolescence.
    But when I start using porn, that all changes. My fetishes all become masochistic: sissies, femdom, cuckold, etc.

    In fact, the kind of porn I look at goes down a very predictable path every time. It goes:
    Escort Ads -->TG porn --> femdom --> cuckolding --> interracial.
    It's amazing how predictable it is, how well worn that neural groove is. I can't even look at Tinder or Bumble profiles anymore because it inevitably leads to escort ads, which starts the whole cycle over again.

    The other thing that kills me about my porn-inspired fantasies is that I don't even appear in them. I noticed this a long time ago, I don't even show up in my own fantasies. I wonder how that started. It's only after I've done nofap for 12 days or so that I start to show up in them. That depresses me to no end. Maybe there is something to that theory of Baumeister's that people get into masochism to escape from themselves.
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    Porn can lead to maochistic fantasies, but if you ask me seeing sex and relationships in terms of dominance or submissiveness is a symptom of the porn mindset. Sure those elements exist to a certain extent, but they're not very important and not really what sex is about.
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    This has also been my experience, while still trying not to fantasize, I've found that since quitting PMO, I'm much much more attracted to the idea of dominating a woman than being dominated. I would definitely agree too that masochism was a way for me to escape by giving up control.
  4. Imfree

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    I have definitely experienced this.
  5. Relife

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    I exprienced this but I have discovered something.
    In the begining the normal action gives you pleasure and with time your brain is desensitized to this action so you search for another but your brain have a list to choose from this list made by excluding things you hate or feel disgusting or you don't accept as male.
    After you choose a category and with time ,again your brain is desensitized so you back to your list and it happens again and again but you finally get bored so to make your list a little longer you give up some of your exclusions as you will accept disgusting action and give a try , then because it is new your brain will be sensitized to it then it will be boring so you give up some of your exclusion like submissive action so you give it a try and it continues untill you accept things you never expect to accept it as a male.
    I not recovered person but I still study my brain and I think it is the only way to recover.
    Stop the cycle either by quit or if you going to try something new you may change actors or age ... anything except you give up some of your exclusions to elongate your list.
    Hope you recover and I hope I recover.

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