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    TL;DR --- to get superpowers, you must fap. Then when you're ready, try a nofap.

    Many guys trying to do nofap often are not really getting any superpowers at all, especially when they've had several reboots/relapses in the past. The reason is quite simple, and has to do with bodily processes often unfortunately well out of our conscious control.

    Basically, as diagrammed below (what I call the nofap "triangle"), you have

    1) "Physical charge"

    ----[due to a buildup of which the body will bring about]----->

    2) "Horniness"

    ----[to compel you to]---->

    3) "Fap/sex"

    ----[which reduces]-----> (go back to step #1)

    The fundamental key here is that the arrow "#1-->#2" (and #2 in general) is beyond your conscious/voluntary control. And what i mean by "beyond your conscious/voluntary control" is exactly the same way you cannot just mentally
    -- Tell your testes to boost testosterone production for bigger muscles
    -- Shut off your ears when trying to go sleep when it's loud outside
    -- Tell your brain to dump a bunch of sleep hormones into your system to go to sleep earlier (e.g., if your trying to change your sleep schedule / wake up earlier)
    -- And I'm sure you can think of many more other examples

    These are the reasons why people have to do things like exercising, taking sleeping pills, steroids, cold showers, etc...

    Now, going back to the original topic --- this is also why shouldn't beat yourself up over "not getting superpowers" --- due to the arrow #1->#2 (and #2 in general) being outside our conscious/mental control. Which brings me to the definition of superpowers: the amount of free physical charge (if any) you have available that has not been taken up by step #2 (or sucked away by arrow #1-->#2), and thereby available at your free conscious/mental disposal (or "higher brain level processes" disposal, as some may call it).

    Note -- I should probably add a bit more background info on what this involuntary step #2 is. While I'm sure everyone has a general idea of what "horniness" is, the key thing to understand is that it is a largely subconscious/involuntary (maybe even unconscious?) state that exists even when we aren't thinking/perceiving "sexy thoughts". Same thing that leads to involuntary wet dreams, and even when dreaming of things not even related to sex! (yes, I intend to make it sound that insidious) Which, brings me to the definition of "flatline" --- the state that sometimes occurs during nofap when one has "high horniness" without a "high attraction" towards the common means of resolving it -- i.e., porn or fap or sex. So, you end up left in an unhappy/unsatisfied state also feeling like you have no libido in addition to that.

    Now, going back to the original topic again. Essentially, to get "superpowers", you have to "deprogram" your body from automatically doing arrow #1->#2 (or basically step #2) in general. Or, perhaps in cruder/simpler words, from automatically sucking away the buildup of physical charge that can be used by your higher/mental processes into just making you horny. What's interesting to note is that a history of frequent and contiguous "relapses" and "reboots" actually encourages step #2 --> your body is more encouraged to promote horniness as a means of getting you out of a nofap state of sexual frustration! Re-attempting nofap there only worsens the problem.

    Now after all that, so how do you get "superpowers"? It's quite simple (but can be quite involved) ---> to deprogram horniness, you first have to begin a period of fapping/PMO again. Essentially, you "work in" the process/habit of relieving physical charge without having the body having to make you quite horny in order to do that. Basically, your body is generally getting (and getting used to) a "relieving" of physical charge without having to build up much horniness in order for you to do so. You can also think of it as the more regularly the physical charge is relieved this way, the more of "free physical charge to horniness" ratio you will have (over the total amount of physical charge you will have, that is). You may even feel some slight superpowers because of this as well! Note that is not some kind of simple "binge" -- this can take quite a period of time as you are not simply getting rid of a mere "moment" or "instance" of horniness -- you are getting (ideally) rid of the entire fundamental/deeper/ingrained mechanism here altogether!

    Backing up one sentence though, why just "slight" superpowers, perhaps? Well, here is the part two of the solution...

    Since doing part one you are technically fapping/orgasming, you won't technically have the same amount of ""total"' physical charge as you would during nofap (plus also sometimes some other things people say as disadvantages of fapping). However, for the amount of total physical charge (albeit lowered) that you will have, you will have more "free" physical charge in proportion to that that would be automatically taken up by horniness. Which leads to the part two of how to get "superpowers" ---> when you feel you're ready, embark on a nofap! It may be hard to define a rule of thumb as to "when" to embark on it after part one, but I'd say consider it some time after you may feel something like "Wow -- I can't *physically* remember/imagine how sexually frustrated I must've been while doing [no fap, or no pmo, or no sex, or etc...etc...insert your item of preference or choice here]!"
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    This guy, in addition to ivar123 is also onto something; although, I'm not sure I agree with the whole physical charge vs. horniness theory.
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    I don't know, your solution sounds like eating before you're even hungry so that you'll eat less through the day in order to lose weight... Or going to bed when you're not sleepy in order to sleep more when you're not sleepy and not sleep when you're sleepy...

    Sure, you do avoid reinforcing the association between horniness and fapping, but you're not dissociating it (so your neural pathways remain intact for longer). You're just postponing the problem.

    Look into sexual transmutation instead. This is how you transform the horniness back into "physical charge" as you call it.
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    The superpower is that you are not addicted to sex and attention from hot woman. you bassicly become self Self-sufficient. When you masturbate and watch nude girls you become adicted to their attention you want them to react positively.

    When you stop masturbating and watching porn for a long time and start doing things you like. YOU DON’T NEED POSITIVE REACITON OF GIRLS. And that is the super power.

    Its basically the feeling of being happy single even if you don’t get some action you still are happy. However you need to replace masturbation and porn with something useful like hanging out with friends, doing a hobby like sports or getting a better job career.

    Superpowers don’t come automatically you need to create a new healthy habit. However if you stop porn and masturbation you will notice you need less attention of woman wich results in you getting more girls because woman feel you are confident and don’t need their approval.
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    There are no superpowers. It's a myth.

    It's a common feeling - at the time, I was convinced that I had the powers. But really, it's the first time in living memory that you feel good about yourself - you start making eye contact with people and project confidence, and they react positively to you.

    You feel like Superman because you are comparing yourself to how things were a few months earlier, when you were a self-hating addict.

    As your reboot continues these positive responses from other people don't stop - actually things get better as your confidence and social skills builds further. It just seems to slow down.
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    Jep you are more social because you are less "needy" of sex and attention. So i a sence stopping porn and masturbation can cause a lot of superpowers. the less needy behavior
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    A super power is relative. Having normal sex, normal relationships, normal cognition is a super power to someone who doesn't have those things.

    That's what getting the super powers really means, just the ability to won't become a super stallion. You can, but that takes a lot of extra work, which rebooting allows you to be able to actually do. It's complex.
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    Dear All. Feelings are subjective. And also 'comparative' - with self and others.
    I am finding it hard to accept that engaging in PMO would take one out of the addiction.

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